Marketing Compliance

What You Need To Know

Your marketing and sales communications
can put your organization at risk

 Ensuring compliance isn’t easy, but you can no longer trust that your messaging is accurate. You must verify that it is—across your sales and marketing channels

What is Marketing and Sales Compliance?

Simply put, marketing compliance is ensuring that your company’s marketing and sales content follows rules and regulations set by the government and other governing bodies.

These standards are put in place to protect consumers from being misled, deceived, or generally harmed by businesses.

In practice, marketing and sales compliance is making sure that your content or communications are always in line with these rules no matter where they end up or who communicates them on your organization’s behalf.

Whether these messages are on the web, in an email, communicated by phone or messaging in contact centers or on social media, your company is responsible for making sure the messaging is consistent and abides by those rules.

Why Is Marketing Compliance So Difficult?


Just Double-Check, Right?

When it comes to compliance, you might be tempted to think that all you have to do is have your marketing, sales, or compliance team double-check their work to make sure it meets legal and brand requirements—and all is ok.

However, the content and communications made by your organization, partners, or third parties on your behalf can end up in hundreds of thousands of places across the internet, social media posts, or in emails.

The same thing happens in call centers, where many agents are using your messaging to promote your brand. Thus, ensuring that your message to your customers is consistent across all these platforms is a huge task for any marketing, sales, or compliance department to undertake.

Learn more about the main Regulatory Agencies and the Key Acts and Regulations that guide marketing compliance and consumer protection issues.

The Bottom Line: Take The Steps Needed To Achieve Marketing Compliance

Technology can automate many steps of your compliance efforts. With the help of an automated platform, potential compliance issues can be automatically discovered, tracked, and remediated across all of those sources.

PerformLine helps organizations of all sizes monitor their marketing and sales content across the web, call, message, email, and social media channels for regulatory and brand compliance. We’re here to help your brand mitigate compliance risks and ensure brand safety.