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Call Center Compliance Monitoring

Automated Call Review for 100% Compliance Coverage

Stop ineffective and time consuming spot checking. PerformLine automatically reviews every call minute to identify potential regulatory compliance violations or brand marketing abuses.

PerformLine Call Monitoring UDAAP False Urgency and Deceptive Language Alert

Discovery is Easy with Automation

Automatically analyze every minute of every call

PerformLine Call Compliance Monitoring TILA Violation Alert

Complete Coverage

Automated review of every minute of every call against your rulebooks means no more manual spot checking

AI Driven Speech Analytics

Identifies potential regulatory or brand issues in each call and provides rep performance metrics to increase conversion, speed training, and develop best practices

Pinpoint Accuracy

Listen only to the exact part of the call that’s been flagged for compliance issues, saving valuable QA hours

Monitor Your Way

A book

Deploy Rulebooks

Monitor for potential violations in every call using our turn-key rulebooks built on regulatory expertise, required disclosures, and your brand guidelines

A gauge

Score and Rank

View a compliance score for each call to identify potential problems and rank the risk of your agents from best and worst performers

Warning symbol

Get Critical Alerts

Receive alerts on high-impact potential compliance violations that require immediate review or remediation

Discover. Monitor. Act.

Act quickly and effectively

An intelligent workflow engine to drive faster resolutions, reduce risk, and create efficiencies

PerformLine Workflow Insights for Remediation

Coach or Remediate

Directly send notices from the platform to reps to identify and correct potential problems

Data-Driven Metrics

Speech Analytics that provide insights to increase sales, mitigate risk, and deliver an exceptional customer experience

Document and Archive

Get Proof You Can Use™ with a complete history of discovery through remediation for any audit situation


All-in-One Platform

Data redaction

Data redaction

Remove sensitive information from calls and  messages



Centralize, assign, and track all activities from discovery through remediation

A graph


One central compliance intelligence repository to see the big picture and small details

AI computer chip

AI-Driven Automation

To deliver more intelligent, automated, and scalable solutions



Track, validate, and document remediation across internal and external partners

A line between two markers

Audit Trail

Keep a record of activities including screenshots, transcripts, and requests

Social Media Monitoring


Compliance oversight across web, call, message, email, document, and social media channels


Reporting for All Levels

Compliance and performance intelligence for informed business decisions

A rulebook checklist


Deploy industry rulebooks built from experience and expertise to ensure regulatory compliance

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