Compliance Workflows

Intelligent Workflows to Drive Faster Compliance Resolutions, Reduce Risk, and Create Efficiencies

PerformLine centralizes communications for efficient remediation and archiving.
Centralize your compliance activities in one platform with PerformLine.

Drive Faster Resolutions, Reduce Risk, and Create Efficiencies

Let our workflow tool centralize and archive your compliance activities from discovery through remediation

PerformLine Workflow tools helps you track, analyze and audit compliance alerts

See all compliance and remediation activity across your internal departments and external partners and understand how effective your compliance program is


Put actionable data and Proof You Can Use™ at your compliance team’s fingertips for faster, more consistent resolutions


With one common process powering your entire compliance program, you’ll see the complete picture to accelerate growth and power future decision-making

Complete Optics

Gather the optics you need on how risk is handled in your compliance funnel

Alert Status

Use workflow to see the status of all your compliance alerts from not reviewed through resolved

Aging Status

View how long alerts have been in your workflow and prioritize

Rank Top Offenders

From websites to call center agents, use workflow to rank your best and worst performers

Close the Compliance Loop

Cut through the noise and take action from within the workflow tool

  • Remediate

    Send remediation notices directly from the platform to non-compliant partners, agents, or reps

  • Track

    Responses to remediation notices recorded within workflow for one seamless history

  • Support

    Provide partners, agents or reps with limited platform access to only see their remediation items

  • Coach

    Use workflow to notify reps who need performance coaching or commendation

  • Archive

    Build a custom program (up to 7 years) to archive a complete history of discovery through remediation for any audit situation