Harness Your
Business-Critical Data Points

Unlock an early warning and monitoring system

Our Business Intelligence uncovers compliance and performance risks across your organization

deep data insight for compliance and regulatory monitoring
Data Done Right

Harness the millions of powerful business-critical data points generated for your organization to get the actionable insights you need

Comprehensive Analyses and Visualization

Understand a wide range of compliance and performance metrics to uncover insights to proactively manage compliance risks and improve rep performance

One Source of Truth

Using one platform for monitoring, reporting, and analysis provides consistency of compliance and performance KPIs

Web Intelligence

Discover deeper insights like your most or least compliant partners, loan officers, or publishers by measuring their adherence to regulatory and brand guidelines on their web pages

PerformLine Business Intelligence for Call Centers

Call Center Intelligence

See data and insights that identify your top performers based on specific KPIs, quantify rep improvement post-training, create comprehensive report cards, and share best practices across your organization

Message Intelligence

Get intelligence that helps you oversee reps’ interactions with consumers, create comprehensive report cards, measure compliance, and gain performance metrics to ensure the best possible customer experience

PerformLine Business Intelligence for Messages, Chats and Agents

Social Media Intelligence

Gain deeper insights to see performance and compliance by social channels and by individuals, including loan officers, independent agents, networks, partners, and paid influencers