Monitor Your Brand for Compliance Across Social Media

Monitor every post for compliance with regulatory and brand requirements



Discovery is Crucial

What you don’t know can hurt you

social media monitors all brand presence including SAFE Act missing nmls
Find Hidden Risk in Both Paid and Organic Posts

Automatically discover misrepresentations or potential compliance violations for your brand, in both paid and organic posts, across social media channels

Review the Images Too

Review and score the text from within any image shared in a social post to ensure the copy is compliant with required regulatory obligations

See Who’s Representing Your Brand

Find mentions of your brand by agents, reps, loan officers, influencers, marketing, and sales teams to ensure accurate and compliant promotion

Pinpoint Problems Across Social Media

Filter through the social noise to pinpoint those posts across TikTok, X, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube that pose a risk and need remediation

Monitor Continuously

  • Deploy Industry Rulebooks

    Monitor for potential violations on every post using our turn-key rulebooks built on years of experience working with regulators and industry clients

  • Score and Rank

    See a daily history and easy-to-read compliance score for every source to identify risk and see how each ranks

  • Get Critical Alerts

    Receive alerts on high-impact potential compliance violations that require immediate review or remediation

Act Quickly and Effectively

An intelligent workflow engine to drive faster resolutions, reduce risk, and create efficiencies

PerformLine Workflow tools helps you track, analyze and audit compliance alerts
Track Progress

Centralized workflow tracks activities across internal departments and external partners, allowing you to cut through the noise and take action

Go Back In Time

Access social media content from the last 90 days for your brand, hashtags, or keywords

Document and Archive

Get Proof You Can Use™ with a complete history of discovery through remediation for any audit situation



Cutting edge technology finds potential compliance issues quickly


Centralize, assign, and track all activities from discovery through remediation

Audit Trail

Keep a record of activities including screenshots, transcripts, and requests

Driven by AI and Machine Learning

To deliver more intelligent, automated, and scalable solutions

Reporting for All Levels

Compliance and performance intelligence for informed business decisions


Monitor multiple languages such as Spanish, Dutch, French, German, and more


Compliance oversight across web, call, message, email, document, and social media channels



Track, validate, and document remediation across internal and external partners


Deploy industry rulebooks built from experience and expertise to ensure regulatory compliance

Pro Services: Get Extra Bandwidth

Get the expert help you need, without increasing your headcount. Put our Pro Services team to work as your compliance QA and remediation team.