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Discovery of  Brand Placements is Crucial in Compliance

Find the unknown places where your brand is being promoted.
Our Kraken Discovery finds placements across the web, social media, and in email

Oversight is Difficult

Managing marketing content in today’s digital ecosystem is complex. Approved messaging and content can be disseminated, potentially altered, and shared across multiple channels — almost instantly.

Discovery is Crucial

Discovery, finding the unknown places partners or third parties are promoting your brand, is a crucial component of a marketing compliance program but manual searches are time-intensive and not comprehensive.

Automate Discovery with our Kraken 

Using Kraken, our proprietary discovery tool, brands can discover previously unknown places where their content is distributed and promoted across the web, social media, and in emails, to continuously monitor all content, agents, and partners for compliance and reduce risk.

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Comprehensive Digital Discovery 

Ensure accurate and compliant promotion across all digital channels


Reveal the unknown and referring URLs where your brand appears 


Find mentions of your brand by agents, reps, loan officers, influencers, marketing, and sales teams 


Surface emails sent on your brand’s behalf by marketing partners, affiliates, merchants or independent agents


All-in-One Platform

Magnifying glass


Cutting edge technology finds potential compliance issues quickly

AI computer chip

AI-Driven Automation

To deliver more intelligent, automated, and scalable solutions



Monitor multiple languages such as Spanish, Dutch, French, German, and more



Centralize, assign, and track all activities from discovery through remediation


Reporting for All Levels

Compliance and performance intelligence for informed business decisions



Track, validate, and document remediation across internal and external partners

A line between two markers

Audit Trail

Keep a record of activities including screenshots, transcripts, and requests

A graph


One central compliance intelligence repository to see the big picture and small details

A rulebook checklist


Deploy industry rulebooks built from experience and expertise to ensure regulatory compliance

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