The Trusted Marketing Compliance Platform for Gig Companies

With increasing regulatory attention, companies operating in the gig economy realize that an efficient and comprehensive marketing compliance program focused on consumer protection in recruitment and customer marketing is critical for continued growth. PerformLine offers an always-on monitoring and discovery system to find and mitigate risks around marketing.

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Why PerformLine?

Discover Hidden Risk

Find the web pages, emails, and social posts made by affiliates and third parties to ensure compliant promotion.

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One Platform, One Process, One Truth

PerformLine enables compliance teams to identify and address compliance risks through our end-to-end solution, from marketing material review to remediation.

PerformLine replaces the need for multiple, disconnected solutions and provides a centralized and scalable omni-channel marketing compliance management process for gig companies. Experience total efficiency with PerformLine’s all-in-one solution—One Platform, One Process, One Truth.

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What our Clients say about PerformLine

“PerformLine’s partnership has allowed us to automate manual web monitoring efforts and provide scalability to increase coverage across thousands of web and social media sites.”

– Bread Financial


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