Automated Compliance Solutions Your Brand Can Count On: PerformLine

Ensuring regulatory and brand compliance across all the channels your company uses to communicate with consumers isn’t easy, but failure to find and fix potential marketing compliance issues could be devastating to your company’s reputation and bottom line.
PerformLine empowers compliance teams with one solution to find and mitigate compliance risk across your web, call, messaging, email, document, and social media channels!
With PerformLine, your team can get rid of the multiple point solutions that don’t talk to each other and manage an omni-channel marketing compliance program from one platform.
One platform. One Process. One Truth. Total Efficiency.

What else makes us different?


Our web, call, messaging, email, document, and social media compliance tools are powerful alone, but invincible together. One platform for comprehensive coverage with a complete risk picture. No other platform offers that!

Machine and Human

PerformLine is built for automation, but some findings call for the human touch. That’s where we layer in a manual review of your campaign to extract the true contextual relevance of a potential violation.

Depth and Breadth

The depth of data PerformLine discovers, reveals layers of insights across all channels. The breadth of data collected provides comparative rankings across your compliance program for complete insights.

Extensive Experience

Because of our extensive experience working with regulators and clients in regulated industries since 2007, PerformLine is the go-to platform that leading enterprises choose to power their compliance programs.

Push and Pull

The PerformLine platform provides unrestricted access to our real-time compliance platform. Get alerts for potential compliance violations and pull the data you want, when you want, for a complete compliance picture.

Carrot and Stick

While PerformLine delivers tough policing tools to manage compliance throughout all of your partners, employees, and reps, we can also help you shine a bright light on the “good guys.”

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