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Efficient and Scalable Marketing Compliance Automation – from One Platform

Regulatory compliance and brand monitoring are two essential pillars of a successful marketing compliance program. By implementing effective regulatory compliance and brand monitoring oversight strategies, you can ensure your marketing efforts are compliant to protect your brand’s reputation.

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3 Tenets of Marketing Compliance


Find potential regulatory or brand compliance issues within content created and shared by internal teams or 3rd party partners that manual reviews or spot checks don’t find using our sophisticated crawler, the Kraken.


Continuously monitor all marketing content and partners for regulatory and brand compliance across any channel like the web, social, email or call centers using our powerful AI automation to enable scalable compliance oversight.


In a digital world, compliance needs to be always on to flag and act on issues before they have the chance to become more chronic. Use our platform to remediate and document potential violations efficiently – and proactively.

What Makes PerformLine Unequaled?

PerformLine Omni-Channels

One Platform, One Process, One Truth.

PerformLine enables compliance teams to identify and address compliance risk through our end-to-end solution from marketing material review to remediation.

Our Document Review channel offers review and scoring of marketing materials before publishing. Our Web, Social, and Email channels provide discovery of unknown regulatory compliance violations and brand mentions on those channels and then automated monitoring of those known sources. Finally our Call and Message monitoring allow you to review every minute of your direct marketing efforts, including call transcripts, chat conversations, or SMS messages.

Our platform replaces the need for multiple, disconnected solutions and provides a centralized, omni-channel marketing compliance management process. Experience total efficiency with PerformLine’s all-in-one solution – One Platform, One Process, One Truth.

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