It's your brand. You make the rules.
PerformLine ensures they’re being followed.

See How It's Done

Comprehensive Brand Coverage

Your brand is promoted across many channels, make sure it’s safe.


Make Sure Your Partners Follow Your Rules

PerformLine discovers and monitors everywhere your brand is being promoted on the web for things like: accurate descriptions, content misalignment, negative sentiment, brand proximity, brand use and more. For web, email, chat, contact center and social media, PerformLine makes sure all of your marketing partners are following your brand guidelines—all the time.


More Powerful Rules, Customized By You

Your brand is like no other, why not customize the rules so they work for you?

  • Set custom rules, risk thresholds, vendor tolerance levels, exceptions and more
  • More flexibility allows for more relevant data

Know Where The Potential Risks Are In Real-Time

  • Instantly discover and monitor everywhere your brand is being promoted including content sites, partners, search, email, display and lead generation
  • Get your compliance score and those of your marketing partners at a glance
  • Have access to detailed information on every compliance observation that occurs
  • Receive daily alerts of high impact potential violations
  • Quickly identify, request remediation or remove non-compliant partners

Data You Can Use

  • Get the most critical compliance business intelligence data in a format easily sharable with legal, marketing, management or your partners to drive fast and efficient resolutions to potential violations
  • Keep an eye on the competition using “Spotlight Terms,” which provide relevant competitive intelligence

Save Time and Money

  • Get more coverage at a fraction of the cost of human review
  • A cloud-based SaaS platform means access anywhere, anytime—no installation
  • See a more complete comparison of data with centralized compliance intelligence

One Platform to Mitigate Risk

  • One platform, one common compliance and remediation process across internal departments and external partners
  • Use your rules across web, email, chat, contact center and social media channels for consistency
  • Centralize all compliance and QA activities within one system to drive faster resolutions, reduce risk and create efficiencies
  • Capture and track issues for audit purposes