Brand Monitoring Solutions to Protect Your Business

With Comprehensive Coverage


Brand monitoring is the process of tracking and analyzing online mentions of a brand, product, or service.

It is crucial for companies to monitor their brand mentions for compliance with regulatory and industry-specific guidelines, and their own guidelines. By leveraging technology and expert guidance, companies can proactively manage their reputation, mitigate risk, and maintain customer trust.

Since 2007, PerformLine has helped clients stay compliant and protect their brand through our comprehensive solution for brand monitoring. PerformLine offers a suite of automated solutions to monitor and analyze your marketing channels in real-time for brand mentions, flags any potential compliance violations or brand misuse, and allows for immediate remediation. Trust PerformLine to help your organization stay compliant and safeguard your brand reputation.

It’s your brand. You make the rules.
PerformLine ensures they’re being followed

Your brand is promoted across many marketing and sales channels—make sure it’s safe everywhere

One Platform. Omni-Channel.

One platform to monitor your brand across web, call, messaging, email, document and social media channels

Fully Customizable

Easily adapt rules and workflows to meet your product, organization, and industry needs

Trackable and Documented

Move quickly to remediate issues directly from the platform and document the process

Complete Insights

See data across channels, products, partners, agents, and reps for a complete risk and performance picture

Save Time and Money

Get complete channel coverage at a fraction of the cost of human review

Discovery on Every Channel

Consumers interact with your brand on multiple channels via multiple representatives—call center agents, marketing partners, sales reps, independent agents, influencers, and the list goes on. Ensure your organization’s brand guidelines are being followed by everyone, no matter the channel.

Your Brand Rules

Your brand is like no other, so create customized rules that ensure your brand guidelines are being followed

Custom Brand Rules

Set custom brand rules for things like accurate descriptions, correct disclosures, logo usage, brand proximity, and more

Adjust Risk Thresolds

Tailor your risk thresholds, vendor tolerance levels, exceptions, and more in an easy-to-customize platform


Centralized Rules

Use your rulebooks across web, call, message, email, document, and social media channels for consistency

Keep an Eye on Your Brand Across All Marketing Channels

Compliance Score

See a compliance score for every finding and receive alerts for high-impact potential violations

Non-Compliant Partners

Quickly identify, request remediation, or remove non-compliant partners

Scale your Partner Program

Ensure your partners are representing your brand in a way that is consistent with your brand values, messaging, and quality standards through automated discovery and monitoring