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“We believe that a compliant and positive customer experience across all of our marketing channels and our retailers is critical to our success, and PerformLine is big part of that. In fact we got PerformLine because they offer one platform for brand and regulatory compliance that we can use across all the channels that we engage with our customers, and that allows us to have comprehensive monitoring that’s scalable, easy, and efficient for us.”


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Customer Stories

PerformLine Customer Stories HavenLife

Haven Life

As part of their effort to protect consumers and ensure compliance in their marketing, Haven Life used automation to monitor 250+ partners and affiliates

PerformLine Customer Stories Acima

Acima Leasing

Acima believes that a compliant and positive customer experience across all marketing channels and retailers is critical for their success.

PerformLine Customer Stories Upstart


Upstart launched a new program to help borrowers and wanted to ensure the program was communicated accurately to protect consumers.

How PerformLine Helped A Credit Card Issuer Move Faster, Compliantly, and Gain A Competitive Advantage

With PerformLine, this company’s marketing became so efficient that they more than tripled the number of credit cards offered—with confidence their brand was being represented accurately and in compliance with regulations across all channels.

“PerformLine gives us the clout we need with regulators to help them understand that we are compliant and our first priority is to protect consumers”