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Ensuring regulatory and brand compliance across all of your lines of business is critical. PerformLine offers an always-on monitoring and discovery system to find and mitigate risk around marketing, which allows you to scale your business.

PerformLine specializes in all aspects of marketing compliance for consumer finance, including fintechs, BaaS providers, credit cards, mortgages, buy-now-pay-later, insurance, and more.

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Why PerformLine?

Discover Hidden Risk

Find unknown web pages, emails, and social posts being promoted on your bank’s behalf to ensure compliant promotion.
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One Platform, One Process, One Truth

PerformLine enables banking compliance teams to identify and address compliance risks through our end-to-end solution, from marketing material review to remediation.

PerformLine replaces the need for multiple, disconnected solutions and provides a centralized, omni-channel marketing compliance management process for any line of business at your bank. Experience total efficiency with PerformLine’s all-in-one solution – One Platform, One Process, One Truth.

What our Clients say about PerformLine

“Stride has to remain compliant across a wide range of financial services, all of which present their own challenges. PerformLine allows us be proactive about compliance with our fintech partners, without the heavy lift of analyzing each piece of marketing individually.

– VP, Enterprise Risk Manager & Privacy Officer at Stride Bank


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