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Ensuring regulatory and brand compliance across your loan officers’ marketing channels is critical. PerformLine offers an always-on monitoring and discovery system to find and mitigate risk around marketing, which allows you to scale your loan officer oversight.

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Find the vanity URLs, emails, and social media posts made by loan officers to ensure compliant promotion.

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One Platform, One Process, One Truth

PerformLine enables mortgage compliance teams to identify and address compliance risk through our end-to-end solution, from marketing material review to remediation across channels.

PerformLine replaces the need for multiple, disconnected solutions and provides a centralized, omni-channel marketing compliance management process for mortgage companies. Experience total efficiency with PerformLine’s all-in-one solution–One Platform, One Process, One Truth.

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What our clients say about PerformLine

“In the mortgage industry, it’s challenging to oversee compliance in what is often a high volume and evolving list of loan officers across multiple channels. Through PerformLine’s automated discovery and monitoring process, we’ve enhanced our process flow to gain greater oversight and to better ensure marketing compliance is met across pertinent regulations including RESPA, state-required disclosures, etc. PerformLine has enabled us to more efficiently track whether compliance issues are resolved in a timely manner.”

– Michele Terry, Highlands Mortgage


Social Media Compliance Checklist for Loan Officer Training and Oversight

Use this checklist to help shape your organization’s compliance program to ensure loan officers are compliant in all marketing communications.

Top Compliance Issues Across Loan Officers’ Social Media and Websites

The top compliance issues most commonly flagged across loan officer marketing materials.

Why Mortgage Companies Need PerformLine’s Call Monitoring

Here’s why leading mortgage companies use PerformLine for effective performance management and compliance monitoring.


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