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Ensuring regulatory and brand compliance for your credit card programs is critical—especially across your third party relationships. You need proactively monitor your card brands everywhere they appear.

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Empower your organization with PerformLine to proactively find and mitigate compliance risk across marketing channels, including your third-party and merchant partners.

Key Compliance Challenges, Solved

Partner Review and Discovery

PerformLine monitors your partners and affiliates by automatically discovering, reviewing, and scoring pages for correct terms and compliance with regulations and your brand guidelines.

Continuous Monitoring

PerformLine provides continuous monitoring and scoring of your marketing channels, including multi-card pages, and shows when changes to offers, terms, and promotion happen.

Developing Actionable Rules

PerformLine’s library of proprietary rulebooks are ready to deploy, easy to customize, and cover federal and state regulations such as the CARD Act, Truth in Lending Act (TILA), Regulation Z, and UDAAP.

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PerformLine reviews every offer on marketplace pages and flags those that do not meet the disclosure requirements including specific card information and terms that must be included.

Time-Consuming Materials Review

PerformLine automatically scores internal and partner marketing materials (mailers, brochures, etc.) against your rulebooks to provide fast and accurate pass/fail compliance verdicts, increasing your volume and scope of review.

Centralizing Information

PerformLine allows you to see all compliance and remediation activity across your internal departments and external partners to understand how effective your compliance program is.

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Benefits of PerformLine

Complete Scalability

One platform drives your regulatory and brand compliance program across all marketing channels including websites, social media posts, calls, messages, emails, and documents.

Full Audit Trail

Quickly and easily remediate compliance issues with your partners and their merchants via our workflow tool which documents the process for any audit situation.

Comprehensive Insights

Deep intelligence across the channels, partners, and reps you monitor to make proactive, data-driven decisions to move your business forward, compliantly.

Industry Expertise

Build your compliance program backed by a team of experts with decades of experience working with regulators and compliance teams at other industry-leading credit card programs.


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Monitor Your Credit Card Offers Across the Web to Ensure Accuracy and Compliance

Monitor your brand across web pages by third parties and publishers—even the ones you don’t know about. Ensure that your credit card offers are being promoted in compliance with regulations, have proper disclosures, and have up-to-date information regarding APRs, minimum payments, finance charges, and more.

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A Credit Card Issuer’s Success Story

A leading global financial services company needed a competitive advantage to market their cards compliantly and to make business decisions quickly. Learn how PerformLine helped this company achieve 100% coverage across their marketing channels and increase their web presence by 8x.

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