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Why Credit Card Issuers Need PerformLine’s Web Monitoring for Compliance

September 7, 2023
Credit card web monitoring for compliance

For credit card issuers, ensuring that your affiliate partners are promoting your brand accurately and compliantly across the web is critical. Yet, achieving comprehensive compliance coverage is nearly impossible through manual review. 

Manual review is time-consuming, tedious, and prone to human error. And, not only do you have to review and monitor the pages you know about, but what about the thousands of other pages mentioning your brand and products that you don’t know about?

PerformLine’s Web Monitoring solution allows credit card issuers to discover unknown brand placements across the web and streamline the compliance monitoring process of merchants and affiliates at scale, thus reducing risk, increasing efficiency, and providing significant cost savings.

Here’s why leading credit card issuers use PerformLine’s Web Monitoring for compliance—and why you should, too.

The Importance of Monitoring Merchants and Affiliates Across the Web for Compliance

The internet is like the wild wild west—you never know who’s mentioning or promoting your brand or what they’re saying. Whether intentional or not, any misleading or deceptive information put out by merchants, affiliates, or other third parties can be damaging to your brand and harm consumers.

Monitoring the web for regulatory and brand compliance can help credit card issuers:

  • Ensure compliance with regulations including the Truth in Lending Act (TILA), the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act (CARD Act), Unfair, Deceptive, or Abusive Acts or Practices (UDAAP), and other consumer protection and fair lending laws
  • Discover unknown brand mentions to ensure that your credit card offerings are being promoted accurately and compliantly, everywhere they appear
  • Mitigate risk by identifying and remediating potential compliance issues before they become larger problems
  • Safeguard brand reputation by proactively identifying and addressing any misleading or non-compliant content associated with your brand and credit cards to protect consumers
  • Avoid enforcement actions and costly fines by ensuring that merchants, affiliates, and other third parties adhere to regulations and brand guidelines
  • Builds consumer trust by ensuring that consumer protection laws are being followed and consumers are being treated fairly 

Using PerformLine’s Web Monitoring for Compliance

With PerformLine’s Web Monitoring solution, credit card issuers can automatically monitor the web to discover, identify, and remediate potential compliance issues at scale. 

PerformLine’s Web Monitoring provides credit card issuers with:

  • Automated discovery: Find and monitor your brand and card offerings everywhere they appear across the web—even the places you don’t know about—for complete coverage and compliance protection
  • Daily monitoring and alerts: Monitor and review pages every day to get alerts on high-impact potential compliance violations that require immediate review or remediation
  • Regulatory compliance rulebooks: Utilize turn-key rulebooks built on regulatory expertise and years of experience to identify potential compliance issues, including those under TILA and the CARD Act
  • Efficient remediation and progress tracking: Send templated remediation notices directly to necessary merchants or affiliates, enabling swift action and documentation of potential violations 
  • Centralized workflow: Easily track activities across internal departments and external partners in one place
  • Documentation and archival for audits: Get a complete history of discovery through remediation to use for any audit situation
  • Business intelligence reporting: Get detailed reporting to track compliance performance by affiliates and partners over time and identify areas for improvement and those who rank  poorly for  compliance 
  • Regulatory expertise: Our team includes experts who stay up-to-date on the latest compliance requirements and can help card issuers ensure compliance

How one credit card issuer used PerformLine to gain a competitive advantage

Since starting with PerformLine, this client’s marketing became so efficient that they were able to more than triple the number of credit cards they offered and were able to expand into multiple new lines of business—all while having the confidence that their brand is being represented accurately and in compliance with regulations.

In fact, this client is now one of the largest in their field with a web presence that is 8x the size it was when they first onboarded with PerformLine.

Get started with PerformLine’s Web Monitoring for compliance

Learn how you can streamline your compliance monitoring processes across the web at scale to reduce risk, increase efficiency, and save time and money with PerformLine. Request a demo today.

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