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Why You Need PerformLine’s Email Discovery & Monitoring

June 28, 2023
Gain visibility and comprehensive coverage of marketing emails that mention your brand and products, including those from affiliate partners, with PerformLine.

For consumer finance companies, protecting your brand’s reputation is crucial, especially across email marketing, where thousands upon thousands of emails are blasted out daily. 

It’s not enough to have visibility into what your internal marketing teams are sending out—what about your affiliate partners? 

Are you truly aware of what’s being said about your brand and product(s) across emails? Are you equipped to combat misleading information and protect your consumers? Without technology, it’s nearly impossible to get full visibility into what affiliates are sending on your behalf.

PerformLine’s Email Discovery and Monitoring solutions allow consumer finance companies to get comprehensive coverage of marketing emails that mention their brand to ensure that their products and services are being promoted accurately and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

The Importance of Email Discovery and Monitoring for Compliance

Email marketing is often a “black box” for consumer finance companies—but having full visibility into what affiliates and partners are sending is critical.

Email discovery and monitoring for regulatory and brand compliance can help consumer finance companies:

  • Ensure compliance with regulations such as Unfair, Deceptive, or Abusive Acts or Practices (UDAAP), fair lending laws, CAN-SPAM, and other industry-specific guidelines
  • Surface emails mentioning your brand to ensure accurate and compliant promotion of products and services 
  • Mitigate risk by identifying and addressing potential compliance issues proactively before they can escalate into major problems
  • Safeguard brand reputation by promptly identifying and rectifying any misleading or non-compliant content associated with your brand, thus protecting consumers
  • Avoid enforcement actions and costly fines by ensuring that partners, affiliates, and third parties adhere to regulations and brand guidelines in marketing emails
  • Build consumer trust by demonstrating adherence to consumer protection laws and fair treatment of consumers

Using PerformLine’s Email Discovery + Monitoring for Compliance

With PerformLine’s Email Discovery and Monitoring solutions, organizations can get visibility into what affiliates and partners are sending out on their behalf to discover, identify, and remediate potential compliance issues at scale. 

PerformLine’s Email Discovery and Monitoring solutions provide consumer finance companies with:

  • Automated discovery: Discover and monitor marketing emails that mention your brand to ensure comprehensive coverage and compliance protection
  • Daily monitoring and real-time alerts: Monitor and review marketing emails to get alerts on  potential compliance violations that require review or remediation
  • One-to-one email monitoring: Get visibility into every consumer-facing email for compliance, whether it’s sales reps communicating with prospects, customer services agents working with consumers, or any employee communication
  • Regulatory compliance rulebooks: Utilize turn-key rulebooks built on regulatory expertise and required disclosures to monitor content against to identify potential compliance issues
  • Regulatory expertise: Our team includes experts who stay up-to-date on the latest compliance requirements and can help consumer finance companies ensure compliance
  • Pre-approvals of emails: Combine Email Discovery and Monitoring with Document Review to automatically review and score emails for compliance prior to sending 

How one company uses PerformLine to monitor 20+ email marketing affiliates at scale

Before partnering with PerformLine, one company had no visibility into the content being sent out by affiliate marketing partners.

Now, they’re able to monitor their 26 affiliate partners at scale and have successfully gained visibility into over 2,000 emails within just six months. They can discover and monitor emails sent on their behalf to catch and remediate compliance issues in real time.

Get Started with Email Discovery + Monitoring with PerformLine

Learn how to gain visibility and comprehensive coverage of marketing emails that mention your brand and products to reduce risk, increase efficiency, and save time and money with PerformLine. Get started today.

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