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The Power of PerformLine’s Proprietary Rulebooks

Michael Gibney
April 7, 2024
performline proprietary rulebooks

Navigating the complexities of compliance monitoring requires a powerful engine. Enter PerformLine’s rule engine—the driving force behind effective compliance monitoring. 

But, an engine alone isn’t enough. That’s where our proprietary regulatory rulebooks come in as the fuel that powers this powerful rule engine, enabling our clients to monitor their products and brand on a massive scale.

But, what are PerformLine’s rulebooks, exactly?

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into PerformLine’s rulebooks—what they are, how they’re built, the benefits they offer, and why they are a vital component of a robust compliance program. 

Get ready to fuel your compliance journey with PerformLine’s rulebooks and unlock the full potential of your compliance monitoring efforts.

What Are PerformLine’s Rulebooks?

PerformLine’s rulebooks are carefully curated collections of terms and phrases that are associated with specific compliance categories, regulations, laws, and guidelines that organizations use to monitor marketing content against to identify potential compliance violations at scale.

These rulebooks cover everything from broad compliance concerns (like UDAAP) to industry or product-specific requirements.

Once the rule engine is fueled with these rulebooks, our clients are able to monitor the presence or absence of these terms and phrases at scale across marketing channels. 

And, not only does the rule engine determine the presence or absence of certain phrases, but it also assesses contextual relevance and proximity, minimizing false-positive results to provide fine-tuned compliance coverage. 

How are rulebooks created?

At PerformLine, rulebooks are created using a variety of tools and data sources. Some rulebooks are very clear-cut—think mortgages and NMLS disclosure requirements, for example. Either the disclosure is there, or it isn’t. It leaves very little up for interpretation.

But, for regulations that aren’t so clear cut (like UDAAP), those rulebooks require more extensive research and curation.

For these, we rely on our years of experience working with regulators and clients in highly-regulated industries.

Our rulebooks are crafted from regulatory bulletins, acts, documents, settlements, and industry standards from governing bodies including the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the Office of the Comptroller of Currency (OCC), the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), and more.

How can I access PerformLine’s rulebooks?

To access and use PerformLine’s full library of rulebooks, you have to be a PerformLine client.

Once a new client signs with PerformLine, they’re provided with a comprehensive list of all of our pre-existing rulebooks, which they can choose to deploy in their marketing channels from day one.

Post-deployment, we continually update our rules in response to the ever-evolving compliance landscape. 

A notable example includes our creation of a Covid rulebook during the peak months of 2020. We swifty launched this rulebook to counter deceptive practices concerning government loan programs. 

Another recent update revolved around fair lending, given its prominence as a regulatory concern.

What are the benefits of PerformLine’s rulebooks?

I like to think that the power of PerformLine’s rulebooks speaks for themselves, but just so we’re clear…here are some key benefits.

Simplify Complex Regulations

Regulations can be dense, obscure, and difficult to interpret. But you don’t have to lose sleep over them—we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Our rulebooks demystify complex regulations, translating legalese into actionable compliance strategies. This means you spend less time deciphering rules and more time focusing on your business goals.

Most notably, we have dedicated rule categories designed to tackle UDAAP. Broad and ambiguous by nature, UDAAP is difficult to monitor in marketing materials (unless you use PerformLine, of course)—which is why it’s one of our most-used rulebooks.

Ready-to-Use, Right Out of the Box

We believe that a compliance solution should work for you, not the other way around. That’s why our rulebooks are pre-built and ready to use for our clients.

You won’t need to go through the tedious process of filling out your own rulebooks—we’ve got that covered. This streamlines your compliance journey and helps you stay ahead of potential pitfalls.

Customizable for Your Unique Needs

While our rulebooks are ready-to-use, we understand that every organization has unique compliance needs. 

To cater to this diversity, our rulebooks are easily customizable. You can adjust them to align with your specific brand requirements or compliance strategy, ensuring you’re covered in all the areas that matter most to you.

User-Friendly with No Coding Required

We’re committed to making compliance as straightforward as possible, which is why editing our rulebooks require no coding skills. 

They’re designed to be easy to use, meaning you can implement and adjust your compliance rules without needing a tech wizard on your team. It’s compliance made easy—plain and simple.

Proprietary and Exclusive

Lastly, our rulebooks are a proprietary offering you won’t find anywhere else. Using machine learning and years of experience with regulators and clients in regulated industries, our comprehensive rulebooks are the backbone of leading enterprise compliance programs.

What’s in it for me?

I could talk about our rulebooks until I’m blue in the face (and I would, if you would listen)—but I know what you’re thinking. What’s in it for me?

Well, here’s what PerformLine’s rulebooks (paired with our omni-channel compliance monitoring technology) would mean for you: 

  • Speed to launch and immediate impact: Whether you’re a large bank monitoring a new fintech network or a brand navigating through an affiliate marketing chain, getting started with PerformLine is seamless. The pre-curated rulebooks can be deployed immediately. This lets you start reaping the value from your new technology right from the get-go.
  • Support for both emerging and established organizations: Young organizations, often with lean teams and minimal compliance resources, find immense value in PerformLine’s rulebooks. They provide an excellent starting point for building out robust compliance programs and meeting the stringent requirements for consumer finance products. And, on the flip side, established organizations can seamlessly integrate PerformLine into their existing marketing compliance strategy to scale as quickly as they do.
  • Compliance made simple: By design, many regulations (like UDAAP and fair lending) are broad and vague, making compliance a complex task. PerformLine’s rulebooks demystify these complex and often confusing regulations and provide clear and actionable guidance.

I hope this helped you see the power of well-crafted rules and why they are essential to any compliance program. I look forward to meeting during onboarding and working with you to make sure that PerformLine powers your compliance program to take off!

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