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The Benefits of Expanding Your Compliance Coverage with PerformLine

Sara Emil
September 9, 2023
Benefits of Expanding Compliance Coverage

If you’re already leveraging PerformLine’s compliance solutions for some of your marketing channels, you’re on the right track. 

But, have you considered the many advantages of expanding your compliance coverage within the PerformLine platform? 

As an existing client, you’re in a prime position to take your compliance efforts to the next level and reap the benefits that come with it.

Here are some reasons you should consider expanding your compliance coverage across channels—web, social media, emails, calls, messages, and/or documents—with PerformLine.

More Coverage, Less Risk

This benefit typically goes without saying—but, as a reminder, the more channels you have covered for compliance, the less risk your organization faces.

Expanding your coverage within PerformLine helps you identify and address compliance issues quickly, mitigating marketing compliance risk and ensuring that your brand is being promoted accurately across channels and partners.

Cost-Effective Expansion

One of the most significant benefits of expanding within PerformLine is eliminating the need for separate, single-point compliance tools, thus reducing licensing costs and training expenses. 

With PerformLine, you can avoid the cost and complexity of onboarding a new platform and bundle additional channel(s) into your existing compliance coverage.

Efficiency and Time Savings

When it comes to managing compliance across various channels, it’s common to experience resource disunity and inefficiencies. But, by consolidating your compliance efforts within PerformLine, you can optimize resource allocation and streamline management, leading to a more efficient and effective compliance strategy. 

And, since you’re already using PerformLine, that means our platform is already approved in-house at your organization. Getting approval and onboarding new providers can be a lengthy process—but that hurdle is already overcome, saving a significant amount of time to get new channels of coverage implemented at your organization.

Centralized Compliance Activities

One invaluable benefit of expanding your compliance coverage across channels with PerformLine is having all of your compliance activities—discovery, monitoring, remediation, and documentation—in one centralized location.

Comprehensive Insights and Analysis

By consolidating your compliance monitoring within PerformLine, you’ll get a wide variety of comprehensive insights into compliance and performance data across channels, products, and third parties.

By utilizing a single platform for monitoring, reporting, and analysis, you can maintain consistency in compliance key performance indicators. This allows you to make accurate assessments, streamline decision-making, and effectively communicate with your organization.

Documentation and Audit Trail

By monitoring multiple channels with PerformLine, you’ll have a documented record of all activities across marketing channels—including screenshots, transcripts, and requests—that you can use should regulators come knocking.

Scalability and Growth

Your business is dynamic, and so is PerformLine’s platform. 

Are you exploring new marketing channels or strategies? Or maybe you’re working with new partners, affiliates, or other third parties? As you expand your business, PerformLine can help you expand your compliance monitoring, too.

Seamless Integration

Adding new channels to your PerformLine tech stack is easy. All of your existing rulebooks and guidelines can be easily deployed across any new channel(s), making it seamless and efficient to increase coverage while keeping all of your compliance processes in one spot.

Platform Familiarity

We can likely all agree that learning a new platform is one of the most burdensome parts of implementing a new solution. 

You and your team are already using PerformLine and are familiar with the interface, workflows, and processes. Expanding compliance coverage within PerformLine eliminates that learning curve, allowing you to jump right in quickly and easily

Ongoing, Dedicated Support

PerformLine’s dedicated support team already oversees all of your sales and marketing compliance objectives, ensuring that you have the expertise and assistance you need every step of the way.

And, we’ll be there to help as you expand your coverage, too. Your Client Success Manager will be with you through the entire process, from initial implementation through ongoing rule optimizations, ensuring a seamless expansion.

Explore Different Channels for Expansion

PerformLine offers six different channels of compliance coverage:

  • Document Review to efficiently review, score, and send compliance feedback on marketing materials from internal teams and external partners prior to publication
  • Web Monitoring and Discovery to monitor your brand for compliance across the web—even in places you didn’t know about
  • Social Media Monitoring and Discovery to automatically discover misrepresentations or potential compliance violations for your brand, in both paid and organic posts (including images!), across social media channels—Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok
  • Email Monitoring and Discovery to review and monitor emails from known senders and discover what your partners are sending on your behalf
  • Call Monitoring to review every call minute to identify potential regulatory compliance violations and to track and increase call center performance 
  • Message Monitoring to review every message, SMS, and chat to ensure that agents are adhering to brand guidelines and regulatory requirements

And if you’re thinking, “How am I going to review alerts from all of these channels?” We got you covered.

With Pro Services, PerformLine’s team of QA analysts review every observation to deliver only curated and actionable alerts into your workflow, easing the strain on your compliance team while increasing your coverage.

Increase Your Compliance Coverage with PerformLine

As an existing client benefiting from PerformLine’s compliance solutions, you’ve already experienced the positive impact of utilizing technology to streamline your compliance program. But, the possibilities go beyond what you’ve achieved so far. 

In the ever-evolving landscape of compliance and marketing, the decision to expand your coverage with PerformLine is not just a strategic move—it’s a transformative one. By capitalizing on our platform’s efficiency, scalability, and expertise, you’re setting your organization up for continued success and growth.

Reach out to your Client Success Manager or get in touch with us here to discuss the addition of your next channel of coverage with PerformLine.

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