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With one platform and one common process powering your entire compliance program, PerformLine paints the complete picture to accelerate growth for your business.

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Our system lives in the cloud. It requires no downloads or updates and is supported by a dedicated account manager who guides you through the entire process from implementation to daily management.

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Workflow and Remediation

Our platform allows for centralized compliance and remediation activity across your internal departments and external partners for robust documentation and significant efficiencies.

Keep an Eye Out and See How Your Partners Measure Up

Our easy-to-use platform provides on-demand navigation to all of your most important compliance statistics. Look up a campaign or traffic source for a 360-degree view of how your partners are representing YOUR brand.  

View a Compliance Summary in Your Dashboard

The PerformLine Dashboard drills down key metrics on your entire organization’s compliance activity, from discovery to remediation. See the discovery volume, level of vendor compliance and remediation statistics for the last 30 days and beyond.


Which URLs, emails, chats, calls or social posts pass the test?

Get details on offending URLs, emails, chats, calls or social posts to find which compliance rules passed and which failed. View the daily history and corresponding compliance summaries for every source. Then utilize the comments section to keep a detailed audit trail for each observation.  


Take Action and Take Note

Execute and record the necessary action on URLs, emails, chats, calls or social posts that require remediation. Simply hit send and forward the compliance summary directly to the non-compliant source with a message noting your requested actions. Do all of this within the PerformLine platform without having to open up email or wade through spreadsheets.

Make it Happen, Enforce Required Changes

Don’t take their word for it, verify it. It takes too many man-hours to chase your partners and ensure they’ve complied with your requested changes. PerformLine automatically checks to make sure the required change has been made within the assigned time frame, saving you time while enforcing your requests.  


Your Brand, Your Rules

Rules change, be it your internal brand marketing guideline or the required disclosures established by governing bodies. To stay on top of compliance, you need the ability to add, modify or remove rules in real time. The PerformLine platform’s rules tab lets you do exactly that.


Level Out The Playing Field

It’s all relative right? There’s only one way to really understand which of your traffic sources are more compliant than others. Compliance managers rely on the PerformLine Traffic Source monitoring report to get an apples-to-apples comparison that ranks traffic sources against each other. It’s your cheat sheet to compliance management; red = bad, green = good, yellow = needs attention. Simple!