Learn the unknown places where your brand is being promoted.

See How It's Done

Discovery is the crucial first step
in any compliance program

If you don’t find it, you can’t fix it. PerformLine uses a variety of bleeding-edge discovery methods and technologies to provide you with revolutionary optics and transparency into where your brand is being promoted. There won’t be much you don’t know about anymore.


Discovery Methods

Kraken™, our proprietary web crawler, discovers unknown and referring URLs where your brand appears, which may have potential compliance violations. Kraken shines a bright light on the dark unknowns of the internet where your networks, partners and traffic aggregators may be promoting your brand.

Partner List Monitoring allows the PerformLine platform to keep a close eye on a list of partners you provide and their URLs.

How Kraken Works

Our proprietary web crawler, Kraken, deep dives the web to expand the breadth of URLs discovered for monitoring. Then, by applying self-learning technologies and bleeding edge techniques, Kraken discovers instances of pages with potential compliance violations.


Benefits of Discovery

  • Uncovers potential violations to be remediated and monitored, including sub-affiliate discovery
  • Screenshots and source code collected
  • 24/7/365 automated and scalable discovery
  • All pages are automatically scanned for potential compliance violations
  • Crawls user review sites and blogs for reputation management
  • URL ownership and aggregator/network affiliation
  • Uncovers brand infringements