Powerful, Scalable and Relentless.

Release the Compliance Beast™.

The technology behind the PerformLine platform powers more than just observations. It empowers organizations to reach their strategic goals with confidence, validation and intelligence.

Technology You Can See

PerformLine gives our clients the ability to see what’s really under the hood when monitoring their campaigns.  Login to our proprietary platform for data about your web or contact center campaigns including (just to name a few): call recordings, agent rankings, screenshots, traffic source comparisons, compliance scores, and actionable reporting.

24/7/365 Monitoring

PerformLine never sleeps. We monitor your brands all day, everyday. Go beyond the limits of human monitoring with the proprietary platform that’s always on-duty. Data is captured and scored daily so that no potential violation goes undetected.

SaaS Platform

The PerformMatch Platform is an easy-to-use, cloud-based dashboard that grants you full control of your entire compliance program. PerformMatch delivers unrestricted access to your compliance program so that you can update campaigns on the fly, while also allowing you to pull, sort and review the data you want — anywhere, anytime.

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Rule Engine

At the core of the PerformMatch platform is our Rule Engine. Our proprietary rule engine is turn-key, flexible, and scalable to ensure that your compliance program moves in sync with your business.

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Speech Analytics

PerformMatch Contact Center Monitoring uses speech analytics to glean valuable intelligence from of all your customer calls, so you can take action quickly on issues like compliance with federal regulations, agent quality performance, script adherence, and more.

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Business Intelligence

PerformMatch provides unparalleled business intelligence about your compliance program so that you can uncover business trends, discover the root cause of potential violations, and power the right decisions to help your business mitigate risk and grow safely.

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PerformMatch uses a variety of cutting-edge discovery methods to provide you with unprecedented optics and transparency. Discovery methodologies for the web may include Kraken™, our proprietary web crawler, Java Script Tag or HTTP Post, and Partner List Monitoring.

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