Email Monitoring

Proactively review and score email for
complete regulatory and brand compliance.

See How It's Done

Review Sales, Marketing and
Partner Emails for Compliance

Use PerformLine to have your sales, marketing and partner emails proactively reviewed and scored to ensure complete regulatory and brand compliance.

PerformLine Proactive email monitoring

Uncover Risk at Scale

  • Proactively review every consumer facing email for complete coverage
  • Monitor for compliance with regulatory guidelines and your own brand marketing guidelines
  • Customize rules the way you want; change weights, risk thresholds, vendor tolerance levels and more
  • Get Proof You Can Use™ with a complete history of discovery through remediation, for any audit situation
PerformLine Dashboard

Easy Set-Up

Send emails into the PerformLine platform from any external application (including Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo, etc.) via custom mailboxes.
PerformLine Foreign Language

Monitor Multiple Languages

By translating the rules that exist within your campaigns, PerformLine monitors your content in other languages such as Spanish (LATAM, Spain), Dutch, French, German, Italian and Portuguese to name a few.

Workflow and Remediation

Centralize all compliance and remediation activity across web, email, chat, contact center and social media for robust documentation and significant efficiencies.
Save time and money with PerformLine

Save Time and Money

  • Get more coverage at a fraction of the cost of human review
  • A cloud-based SaaS platform means access anywhere, anytime—no installation
  • See a more complete comparison of data with centralized compliance intelligence

One Platform to Mitigate Risk

  • One platform, one common compliance and remediation process across internal departments and external partners
  • Use your rules across web, email, chat, contact center and social media channels for consistency
  • Centralize all compliance and QA activities within one system to drive faster resolutions, reduce risk and create efficiencies
  • Capture and track issues for audit purposes