Validate compliance and improve agent performance.
We make it easy.

How Easy?

An Easier Way To Monitor Calls
for 100% Coverage

PerformLine automates the review of every minute of every call for complete coverage.


Sophisticated Speech Analytics and Language Modeling

Using sophisticated speech analytics and language modeling, the PerformLine platform analyzes every call minute to identify possible regulatory or brand guideline violations and improve agent performance.

PerformLine caters to mid-market contact centers seeking high quality monitoring and analytics, while providing immediate cost savings and efficiencies. We work with Internal Contact Centers, third party live transfer/vendor contact centers, BPOs and more, regardless of size.

agent Performance_conversational metrics

Track agent performance 

Through the use of sophisticated AI and speech analytics, PerformLine delivers detailed assessments of calls and behaviors by both your agents and the consumer. By analyzing conversation metrics such as over-talk incidents, change in sentiment, call escalation, objection handling and more, PerformLine surfaces intelligence into agent performance indicators that can turn your call center data into the insights needed to improve agent performance, increase sales productivity, help mitigate risk and deliver a great customer experience. See more in Pro Analytics.


Automation and Scale

  • 100% surveillance on each call
  • Monitor for compliance with regulatory guidelines, required TCPA disclosures and your own brand marketing guidelines
  • Automate your QA Survey Review and Script Adherence for unified assessments
  • Monitor 24/7/365 with total volume scalability
  • Easy for storing and archiving historical audits and regulatory audio files
  • Remove sensitive information from calls and chats using our Redaction capabilities

Business Intelligence to Improve Performance

  • View the compliance score for each call to pinpoint and evaluate potential problems with ease
  • Identify the source of potential problems with each agent
  • Rank the risk of your agents and vendors to identify the best, in order to train up or move out the worst
  • Filter recordings by Rep ID, Call ID, advertiser, campaign, traffic source, date, grade or potential violation to identify trends or performance issues
  • Use data to improve performance management and training opportunities

Customizable and Flexible

  • Customize rules the way you want—change weights, risk thresholds, vendor tolerance levels and much more
  • Flexibility to fit into your existing QA survey and agent evaluation process, with the added risk identification and analytics needed to take fast action. Your Brands, Your Rules!
PerformLine Foreign Language

Monitor Multiple Languages

By translating the rules that exist within your campaigns, PerformLine monitors your content in other languages such as Spanish (LATAM, Spain), Dutch, French, German, Italian and Portuguese to name a few.

Save time and money with PerformLine

Save Time and Money

  • Get more coverage at a fraction of the cost of human review
  • A cloud-based SaaS platform means access anywhere, anytime—no installation
  • See a more complete comparison of data with centralized compliance intelligence

One Platform to Mitigate Risk

  • One platform, one common compliance and remediation process across internal departments and external partners
  • Use your rules across web, email, chat, contact center and social media channels for consistency
  • Centralize all compliance and QA activities within one system to drive faster resolutions, reduce risk and create efficiencies
  • Capture and track issues for audit purposes