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PerformLine Launches Marketplace Monitoring, Delivers Game-Changing Content Monitoring Technology for Credit Card Marketers

July 30, 2014

First-of-its-Kind Automated Compliance Scoring Technology Monitors Multi-Card Directory Pages

July 29, 2014: PerformLine, provider of the leading cloud-based marketing compliance platform for mitigating risk and ensuring brand safety, today announced Marketplace Monitoring, a new scoring technology that performs content monitoring for credit card brands on multi-card directory pages.

Marketplace Monitoring is an integral part of the PerformMatch™ cloud-based platform, which monitors clients’ marketing programs for compliance with federal regulations and the company’s brand guidelines.

PerformMatch Marketplace Monitoring solves a complex problem for credit card marketers who rely on third parties to promote their products, but they aren’t always able to monitor every webpage for accurate content related to their cards.

With Marketplace Monitoring, PerformMatch automatically dissects pages with multiple card offerings to find and inspect all elements crucial to compliance for the specific credit card marketer:
• Card placement on the page
• Verbatim copy presence and accuracy
• Correct offer bullet ordering
• Schumer box presence and accuracy

PerformMatch scores each page for the above elements and provides marketers with detailed data and fast navigational highlights of exactly where potential violations occur – allowing for quick remediation.

PerformMatch Marketplace Monitoring is already monitoring the card brands of several large credit card marketers.

As the pioneer and thought leader in marketing compliance automation, PerformLine has helped marketers dramatically increase compliance coverage by automating multi-channel monitoring.

“We’re always working to meet the needs of our customers and the demands of the industry, monitoring on multi-card pages was born from their mandate,” stated Alex Baydin, CEO of PerformLine. “Credit card marketers rely on third-parties to promote their products, and now our new Marketplace Monitoring technology automates the process to check for and report inaccuracies in the content and it’s placement on multi-card directory pages for marketers, saving them countless man-hours and mitigating risk of compliance violations.”

To ensure the most up-to-date rules from each marketer, PerformMatch connects through an API to a client’s rule database several times a day for the most accurate rule monitoring available.

Furthermore, using the PerformMatch platform, credit card marketers can easily centralize all compliance and remediation activities across internal departments and with external partners within the PerformMatch system. This eliminates the common resource intensive and human error-prone practice of tracking potential violations by spreadsheets and remediation by email—driving quicker resolution of inaccuracies.

PerformLine maintains its commitment to solving compliance challenges with technology, tools and solutions that continue to build the best in breed product.

Companies interested in learning more about the PerformMatch™ suite of compliance solutions should email the company at sales(at) or visit

About PerformLine

PerformLine is the leading platform for omni-channel compliance oversight. Its cloud-based platform is mission-critical for companies to discover, monitor, and act on compliance risk in their marketing, sales, and partner channels. Through sophisticated technology, the PerformLine platform provides end-to-end marketing compliance automation, from the review of material before publication to continuous live monitoring across consumer-facing channels, including the web, email, social media, calls, and messages. PerformLine is trusted by consumer finance brands and global organizations to make efficient marketing compliance their competitive advantage.

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