PerformLine Launches Enhanced Cloud-Based Platform To Revolutionize Remediation Of Marketing Compliance Issues

Workflow Product To Centralize Compliance and Remediation Activities For Marketers and External Partners, Providing Actionable Intelligence For Optimal Brand Protection.

PerformLine, the leading SaaS marketing compliance platform, announces today the launch of a new product that further strengthens company remediation of marketing compliance issues. PerformMatch Workflow 3.0 provides marketers and their external partners with a common, coordinated platform to see and track all aspects of the remediation process to achieve faster, more consistent resolution in a closed loop environment. Leading companies use the PerformMatch platform to monitor hard to track, emerging threats like customer dissatisfaction, third-party providers, and online channels can have on their brands.

The launch of Workflow 3.0 comes at a time when federal regulatory agencies are scrutinizing marketing practices across virtually every industry and imposing steep penalties for companies found to be in violation. Since the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) was started, the total amount of enforcements by all regulatory agencies involved in advertising and consumer protection has reached close to $6.37 billion. To date, PerformLine has helped clients proactively uncover and resolve more than 26 billion potential marketing compliance violations before they became issues.

“The addition of Workflow 3.0 to PerformMatch, our automated, scalable platform allows clients to see the full scope of their compliance issues, from the initial potential violation to closed and resolved issues, ultimately helping them to better mitigate risk and protect their brand and reputation,” said Alex Baydin, CEO of PerformLine. “We found that it can take marketers up to 7 emails with vendors and 11 days to remediate just one compliance issue. We knew that with our technology, we would introduce efficiency and accountability into this process, ultimately creating a better solution for marketers.”

PerformLine works with the top brands in lending, banking, insurance, credit and debt services, credit cards and education, providing them the most comprehensive marketing oversight platform available. Workflow 3.0, which will immediately be made available for free to the company’s customers and their vendors, further enhances how compliance issues are documented and resolved. Through a single dashboard, users can received structured feedback from vendors to determine which remediation items have received vendor or agent feedback. Users can also benchmark their external partners to rank their level of attentiveness and responsiveness to issues.

“Workflow 3.0 has made it so much easier for our company to understand and proactively respond to potential compliance issues before they became a concern,” said John L’Heureux, Barclaycard US. “By organizing all of our remediation activities in one place, this product provided unprecedented levels of insight into the compliance process, enabling us to make the most informed decisions for our company.”

For more information about Workflow 3.0 and the PerformMatch platform, click here.

About PerformLine
PerformLine is the industry’s leading marketing compliance company bringing SaaS automation and scale to companies looking to mitigate risk and ensure brand safety. PerformLine empowers marketers with the most comprehensive marketing oversight solution for multiple channels within a single platform — PerformMatch™. The PerformMatch platform automatically monitors contact centers and the web to ensure full regulatory, brand and TCPA compliance for the marketer, as well as provide automated agent compliance and performance monitoring in their contact centers. PerformLine saves clients money by automating compliance activities across channels and departments, creating significant cost-savings. For more information about PerformLine, Inc. and the PerformMatch compliance platform, visit, email sales(at)performline(dot)com or follow us on twitter @PerformLine. For media inquiries, contact Cari Sommer, Sommer Communications Group, 646-480-7683.