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Press Release

PerformLine Announces The Addition of Pro Analytics to Their Multi-Channel Platform Used by Global Brands for Sales and Marketing Compliance

September 10, 2019

Pro Analytics provides clients with in-depth insights from their performance and compliance data.

PerformLine, the leading provider of multi-channel compliance technology, announced today the launch of Pro Analytics as part of its SaaS compliance platform. 

When combined with PerformLine’s standard reporting interface, Pro Analytics enhances the capability of the reporting technology. It provides a single robust system with on-demand access to comprehensive analyses and visualizations that uncover deep intelligence from data, including:

  • The creation of customized reports tailored to the metrics that matter for the C-Suite, Compliance, Sales, Content Controls, Operations, and Legal departments. Including KPI comparisons across multiple lines of business.
  • Performance reporting of marketing and customer acquisition partners, domains, agents, departments.
  • Identification of patterns and trends in sales and customer engagement initiatives.
  • Detailed analyses and metrics on the performance of contact center agents and QA activities.
  • A single source of truth for consistency and alignment of compliance KPIs improving speed-to-market, accelerating sales and driving efficiencies.

“Pro Analytics was born out of PerformLine’s relentless quest to turn data into insights and to provide a product that helps users make the most out of their data, ultimately making more informed, smarter business decisions,” said Tony Paterno, Vice President of Operations at PerformLine. “It’s been rewarding to see such quick client adoption to using Pro Analytics and to see our clients dig their heels into the deeper data insights.”

About PerformLine

PerformLine is the leading platform for omni-channel compliance oversight. Its cloud-based platform is mission-critical for companies to discover, monitor, and act on compliance risk in their marketing, sales, and partner channels. Through sophisticated technology, the PerformLine platform provides end-to-end marketing compliance automation, from the review of material before publication to continuous live monitoring across consumer-facing channels, including the web, email, social media, calls, and messages. PerformLine is trusted by consumer finance brands and global organizations to make efficient marketing compliance their competitive advantage.

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