PerformLine Announces Sponsorship of Compliance Track

PerformLine, the leading SaaS marketing compliance platform, announced today their sponsorship of, taking place January 19 and 20 in San Francisco, CA. PerformLine, as the exclusive sponsor of the QA/Compliance Track, will share with the audience of brands, advertisers and agencies how to integrate compliance monitoring and QA seamlessly into contact center growth strategies.

The QA/Compliance Track will offer a series of discussions on topics such as “What’s Really Happening in Your Call Center,” “Living with TCPA: They Are Going to Sue,” “Putting Together the Pieces: Man and Machine,” and “Robocalls & Traffic Pumping: Stopping the Blight Before It Stops Us.”

“At, we are given a real opportunity to have candid and strategic conversations with call marketing professionals about compliance issues, bring up red flags that the industry has to deal with and offer solutions to mitigate risk,” says PerformLine CEO, Alex Baydin. “Over the past several years, compliance has become a hot-button issue and marketers need to know how to protect themselves from the possible risks.”

PerformLine recently released a report ( analyzing the CFPB Consumer Complaint Database to provide companies with insights about risk signals regarding consumer complaint levels and proactive steps to avoid costly fines and penalties. The analysis found a 58% probability of being fined when consumer complaints to the CFPB reach above 2,000 for a company. Average fines ranged from $134 million (for companies that received 2,000 to 10,000 complaints) to $758 million (for companies with 10,000-plus complaints). PerformLine will be sharing these datapoints from the report and more at to offer contact center executives insights on why its so important to resolve consumer complaints before they escalate.

PerformLine works with the top brands in lending, banking, insurance, credit and debt services, credit cards and education, providing them with the most comprehensive marketing oversight platform available. To date, PerformLine has helped clients uncover more than 29 billion potential marketing compliance violations before they became issues.

About PerformLine
PerformLine, Inc. is the industry’s leading marketing compliance company bringing SaaS automation and scale to companies looking to mitigate risk and ensure brand safety. PerformLine empowers marketers with the most comprehensive marketing oversight solution for multiple channels within a single platform — PerformMatch™. The PerformMatch platform automatically monitors contact centers and the web to ensure full regulatory, brand and TCPA compliance for the marketer, as well as provide automated agent compliance and performance monitoring in their contact centers. PerformLine provides significant cost-savings to clients by automating compliance activities across channels and departments. For more information about PerformLine, Inc. and the PerformMatch compliance platform, visit, email sales(at)performline(dot)com or follow @PerformLine on Twitter.