PerformLine Announces New Tools to Help Brands to Monitor and Track Potential Fraud and Brand Safety Requirements During COVID-19

Through the use of its technology, PerformLine is helping organizations protect consumers and their brand from being used or associated with deceptive pitches related to the coronavirus.

PerformLine, the leading provider of automated compliance technology, has released new tools to help organizations discover fraudulent or deceptive claims or scams that may be associated with their brand and directed at consumers. 

The rash of unsupported product claims, fraudulent correspondence regarding paycheck protection programs, government and business imposter scams, and other COVID-19 related fraud activities has caused a surge in consumer complaints to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in recent weeks and has spurred the agency to send warning letters to several companies. 

As a response, PerformLine is using its technology platform to discover, monitor, track, and stop possible fraudulent COVID activities related to CARES Act fraud, Cure and Product claims, the SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program, Debt and Loan programs, and more associated with their clients’ brands. By using innovative discovery methods and artificial intelligence, the PerformLine platform automatically finds potential abuses of its clients’ brands across the web, in emails, social media, chats, and within call centers. 

“Helping brands protect consumers, as well as their brand integrity, has always been our mission,” stated Alex Baydin, CEO and Founder of PerformLine. “But because of this crisis, we’ve developed new tools to help our clients manage COVID related issues using platform automation that saves valuable time and money as well.” 

The PerformLine technology offers a suite of tools to help companies manage COVID related issues linked to their brands, including brand offenses and regulatory requirements like Regulation X’s loss mitigation requirements. 

Those wishing to learn more about how PerformLine is helping organizations protect their brand can request a demo here

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