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PerformLine Announces Document Review, a Proactive Compliance Solution Transforming the Compliance and Content Control Process

March 30, 2021

The Document Review Technology Provides Fast and Accurate Automated Compliance Verdicts for Marketing and Sales Assets to Vastly Improve Oversight and Speed-to-Market

March 31, 2021(Morristown, NJ ) — PerformLine, the leading provider of automated compliance technology, today announced the public launch of Document Review, further establishing PerformLine as a best-in-class solution to meet enterprise pre-production and live monitoring compliance needs. 

Until now, the review and approval of documents such as direct mailers, blog posts, and sales sheets to ensure compliance with hundreds of regulations has been one of the most time-consuming tasks compliance and content controls teams undertake; oftentimes causing bottlenecks and delays in getting materials to market quickly. 

With the launch of Document Review, the PerformLine platform can ingest and score a document against any number of rulebooks (federal, state, industry, or specific brand guidelines) to provide consistent, fast, and accurate compliance verdicts in minutes, allowing approved documents to move ahead quickly while rooting out those that failed for further inspection.

Document Review has been used by several PerformLine clients in private beta since early 2020 to increase their output of their compliance review to meet the increasing demands of their marketing teams. 

“By providing automated, accurate compliance verdicts, Document Review is a game-changer for compliance and content controls teams,” says Alex Baydin, CEO of PerformLine. “Document Review increases the volume and scope of review a team can take on while alleviating the bottlenecks that can occur when trying to get marketing collateral reviewed and approved in a timely manner. “

The PerformLine omni-channel technology now provides end-to-end sales and marketing compliance,  from pre-production verdicts with document review to live monitoring across the web, calls, messaging, emails, and on social media. PerformLine is built to help compliance teams protect their brands by mitigating risk in their marketing and sales channels while gaining efficiency through automation.  

Those wishing to learn more about Document Review can view a video here. To learn how PerformLine is helping organizations protect their brand, schedule a demo here.

About PerformLine

PerformLine is the leading platform for omni-channel compliance oversight. Its cloud-based platform is mission-critical for companies to discover, monitor, and act on compliance risk in their marketing, sales, and partner channels. Through sophisticated technology, the PerformLine platform provides end-to-end marketing compliance automation, from the review of material before publication to continuous live monitoring across consumer-facing channels, including the web, email, social media, calls, and messages. PerformLine is trusted by consumer finance brands and global organizations to make efficient marketing compliance their competitive advantage.

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