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Press Release

PerformLine and LeadiD Partner to Offer a Closed-Loop Authentication and Compliance Solution for Marketers

March 21, 2014

Ensuring that Marketing Initiatives are Both Transparent and Compliant

March 20, 2014: PerformLine, the award-winning SaaS company that helps marketers protect their brands through verifiable compliance monitoring and discovery technologies, LeadiD, the industry standard for lead origination and trusted transactions, and announced a partnership today. The new alliance will provide clients of both companies with a closed-loop lead solution to ensure that marketing initiatives are both transparent and compliant with brand and federal guidelines end-to-end—from the initial brand experience through to lead generation.

“With the stakes so high in today’s regulatory environment, managing marketing compliance risk has become a business-critical priority,” said Ross Shanken, LeadiD CEO. “Linking PerformLine and LeadiD creates a more holistic, powerful combination for brand marketing, brand guidelines, and federal regulations compliance at a lead level.”

“Compliance and lead verification are critical tools for marketers looking to control the many threats that can tarnish their brands, distract management and ultimately harm their bottom line,” stated Alex Baydin, CEO and Founder of PerformLine. “Both PerformLine and LeadiD have led the industry in the common goal of greater transparency and accountability. With this partnership, marketers will now benefit from this end-to-end, proactive approach.”

Closed-Loop Authentication and Compliance
The LeadiD platform tracks the origin and history of every lead event that utilizes its system. LeadiD allows lead sellers and lead buyers to make real-time decisions based upon that history. The PerformLine platform automatically monitors each page and lead form for regulatory, brand and/or TCPA compliance. Once the lead is created, the PerformLine compliance monitoring platform, PerformMatch™ monitors for compliance with given regulations and provides a compliance score while documenting the entire process in its cloud-based platform. The lead’s compliance score process happens in real-time to allow lead buyers to make critical lead-level operational decisions prior to taking action on the lead and attempting to contact the consumer. This provides organizations a powerful, closed-loop authentication and compliance solution by source on a lead-by-lead level in real-time.

Please stop by the LeadiD booth #137 or PerformLine booth #240 at LeadsCon Las Vegas, March 25-26 for more information about the PerformLine and LeadiD alliance. LeadiD and PerformLine will also be speaking on the topic of Revisiting TCPA: Staying Compliant While Addressing the Challenges and Complexities on Wednesday, March 26, 9:00am and we hope to see you there.

About LeadiD

Founded in January 2011 by Ross Shanken, LeadiD is the only independent, neutral, open technology platform, which tracks the origin and history of every lead event that utilizes the LeadiD system. No supplier-proprietary data is exposed, but rather, LeadiD allows Lead Sellers and Lead Buyers to make real-time decisions based upon definitive origin and history flags that are predetermined. LeadiD fosters an environment of trust in the transaction, one where both Lead Sellers and Lead Buyers alike derive top-line value. With unmatched data, LeadiD is the industry standard for authenticating lead origin and history and the authentication platform of choice for firms of all sizes. LeadiD’s presence at the source of a lead event has also positioned the company to add a TCPA solution to its product line that addresses the recent TCPA regulation changes. For more information, visit or @LeadiD on Twitter.

About PerformLine

PerformLine is the leading platform for omni-channel compliance oversight. Its cloud-based platform is mission-critical for companies to discover, monitor, and act on compliance risk in their marketing, sales, and partner channels. Through sophisticated technology, the PerformLine platform provides end-to-end marketing compliance automation, from the review of material before publication to continuous live monitoring across consumer-facing channels, including the web, email, social media, calls, and messages. PerformLine is trusted by consumer finance brands and global organizations to make efficient marketing compliance their competitive advantage.

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