Leading RegTech Provider PerformLine Enhances Brand Safety Rule Set to Help Advertisers Avoid Potentially Damaging Placements

PerformLine’s compliance and brand safety platform protects brands from being misrepresented online or misaligned with inappropriate content or partners

Morristown, NJ— July 11, 2017 PerformLine, the leading RegTech company that delivers automated compliance solutions, has amplified its brand safety rule set within its compliance monitoring platform in light of the recent surge of brands appearing in off-brand, inappropriate or illegal places. Through its automated 24/7 content monitoring technology, PerformLine’s platform discovers and monitors everywhere a brand is promoted, checking for things like hate speech, fake news, brand infringement, negative sentiment, or unapproved brand use.

PerformLine’s platform allows brands to identify potential risks in real-time on channel, URL, and vendor level, through an automated compliance score. The technology uses a proprietary brand safety rule set to continuously track for controversial placements and detect objectionable content placements everywhere a brand appears, including known and previously unknown URLs across the web.

“In addition to regulatory compliance, we’ve been helping companies monitor for brand safety since our inception in 2007, and it’s never been more important,” said Alex Baydin, CEO of PerformLine. “We know how easy it is these days for brands to be misrepresented online or misaligned with inappropriate content and our technology makes it easier for marketers to protect their brands from these potentially damaging issues.”

PerformLine’s latest brand monitoring features include:
• Brand Infringement: Enables brands to track when 3rd party websites are using their company’s name or trademark without authorization.
• Reputation Management: Provides insights on how consumers are reviewing their company online.
• Blocked Vendor Monitoring: Ensures the brand isn’t appearing on “banned” sites.

“Our technology provides advertisers a solution to the mounting brand safety issues in the marketplace,” said David Morgan, Chief Revenue Office at PerformLine. “Our platform has been so well received that marketing and compliance teams are seeing a 95% reduction of costs when using PerformLine’s brand monitoring platform vs. a full-time employee to review URLs.”

PerformLine’s brand safety monitoring technology is available for demo via the company’s website.


PerformLine is the leading RegTech company delivering automated compliance solutions for enterprises looking to mitigate regulatory risk and ensure brand safety. Its cloud-based platform empowers compliance functions with the intelligence, insights, and tools needed to mitigate risk across consumer interaction channels including web, voice, chat, and mobile. PerformLine provides its clients with significant time and costs savings by automating compliance activities across channels and departments. For more information, visit http://www.PerformLine.com or follow PerformLine on Twitter and LinkedIn.