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Your Sidekicks in Compliance: Our Client Success Team

Gianna Kennedy
November 18, 2015
Marketing compliance team

Every great superhero has a sidekick. Batman has Robin, Mermaid Man has Barnacle Boy-the list goes on.

Fortunately, our clients have the ultimate sidekick to help them keep their compliance programs running smoothly: the Client Success (CS) Team.

The Client Success Team is the face of the company, working directly with clients to customize the PerformLine Platform for their needs and to optimize the platform for maximum success. Here are four things our CS Team does as part of the PerformMatch service that make them your trusty sidekick:

1 | Hold hands-on training sessions

Incorporating a new platform into your business’ marketing and operations efforts takes time and energy, so the CS Team is here to walk you through every step of the way. Known as Onboarding, this is the crucial step that lays down the path your business walks on-one of compliance and increased net profit. A senior member of the team helps you set up the platform and trains you to get the most of out of your PerformMatch platform.

2 | Conduct ongoing optimization of the platform

The CS Team doesn’t disappear after setting up PerformMatch for your compliance team. Your CS Manager continues to work with you to optimize the platform to bring you the most relevant and actionable insights. As your points of concern evolve over time, our CS Team will evolve with you.

3 | Review and evaluate PerformMatch’s monitoring efforts for your company

The CS Team likes to check up on how PerformMatch is working for your company to make sure it’s not only doing its job, but is doing a great job. They schedule weekly/biweekly calls with each client to provide summaries of alerts and discuss any changes you want to implement to make PerformMatch work awesome for you. In addition, they meet with your compliance team for Quarterly Business Reviews to give you all of the relevant KPIs that have happened via PerformMatch on the compliance-monitoring front.

4 | Provide you with the big picture of compliance trends in your industry

We’ve got an eye on the biggest players in your industry. Our CS Team can tell you how your company’s level of compliance ranks among others and what is happening on the regulatory front that may affect your company. 

With your trusty CS sidekicks helping you use PerformMatch, you can be a compliance beast. Learn more about how PerformMatch can help your company mitigate risk.

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Gianna Kennedy Content Marketing Manager
Gianna is a Content Marketing Manager at PerformLine.

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