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Welcoming Our New Board Member, LaSalle Vaughn

Alex Baydin
September 15, 2020
Welcoming Our New Board Member, LaSalle Vaughn

I’m thrilled to announce today that LaSalle Vaughn will be joining PerformLine’s Board of Directors. I’ve personally known LaSalle for many years through interactions as a PerformLine client, COMPLY Conference keynote speaker, and advocate for the marketing compliance industry and I’m honored to welcome him to the Board to help guide our organization.

LaSalle is currently the Head of Product Compliance and Quality Assurance at Robinhood, where he leads teams that provide advice, risk mitigation, approval, and quality assurance for new and enhanced Robinhood products. He previously served as the Head of Global Communications Compliance to supervise teams approving communications in adherence with federal and state regulations.

Before leading compliance initiatives at one of the hottest unicorn fintechs, LaSalle served as the Executive and Marketing Compliance Officer for USAA, a Fortune 100 company, where he led compliance oversight of all advice and approval of marketing and new product creation for the company, its affiliates, and third parties.

That first-hand, in-depth understanding of our industry and the regulatory hurdles our clients, large and small, experience will prove invaluable to our board and our organization as we continue to help organizations in highly regulated markets meet their compliance obligations across their consumer-facing sales and marketing channels.

LaSalle also brings his passion and leadership for Diversity and Inclusion, which is so important in today’s environment as we invest in our commitment to scale PerformLine and grow as a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workforce.

Those who know LaSalle, or have seen him bring down the house during his keynote at COMPLY, know his quality of character and the dedication he brings to compliance will serve not only PerformLine, but our industry as a whole.

Please join me in welcoming LaSalle Vaughn to the PerformLine Board of Directors.

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Alex Baydin Founder & CEO
Alex is the Founder & CEO of PerformLine and founder of the COMPLY Conference.

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