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PerformLine + NMLS Consumer Access Information: What It Means For Clients

PerformLine + NMLS® Consumer Access Information: What It Means For Clients

This year, PerformLine has made an even greater commitment to the speed and ease of new client onboarding. In an effort to support our community of mortgage compliance professionals using PerformLine to mitigate risk across their loan officers, we’ve made one feature enhancement with a multitude of applications.

PerformLine is obtaining public use information from NMLS Consumer AccessSM, and that’s really exciting for a few reasons.

The first application of this new enhancement is that during onboarding clients do not need to supply loan offer rosters. Through the NMLS Consumer Access, PerformLine will automatically download and import all loan officers registered to that client into our platform to begin finding and monitoring individuals across the web and social sites!

Additionally, PerformLine uses information from the NMLS to query state license information per loan officer and automatically apply state specific-rules to individual loan officers within the platform. No more licensing spreadsheets or manual rule adjustments across thousands of loan officers in the PerformLine platform!

Lastly, other pieces of information such as branch location, state registration, and branch manager information are able to be integrated into our platform via our tagging feature. This means more powerful and easier filtering and discovery within the platform for all of our users!

We look forward to continuing to use the NMLS data in new and innovative ways to support our clients!.

The Bottom Line…The regulatory landscape is constantly evolving and we not only want to help you get ready, but also help you stay ready. Here at PerformLine, we are committed to doing whatever it takes to bring you confidence by offering solid solutions to aid in the discovery and monitoring of your compliance process so that you can act on any findings immediately. In addition to our innovative technology, we also maintain relationships with industry veterans and regulators so that we can keep you up to speed with updates, best practices, and useful resources. The best part of it all is that we are just getting started. If you aren’t using  PerformLine, what are you waiting for? 

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