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Social Media Images: Your Compliance Blindspot? [And the Solution]

Rules and regulations

There is an infinite amount of content shared across social media channels every single day. Every minute, there are 456,000 tweets sent on Twitter, 120 professionals joining LinkedIn, over 4 million YouTube videos watched, and 46,740 Instagram posts shared.

For financial institutions, this can be an overwhelming amount of content to monitor for regulatory and marketing compliance. On top of that, social media users are posting 1.8 billion photos across social channels every day, including company employees, loan officers, and individual contributors.

Having the ability to monitor content posted across all social platforms-including the text shared within images-is invaluable for any company, but especially for those in highly regulated industries.

That’s why we're excited to announce that PerformLine's Social Media Compliance Monitoring solution is now even more comprehensive with the addition of image scoring! The PerformLine platform can now extract and score the text from within any image shared in a social post to ensure the copy is compliant with required regulatory obligations.

A great use case would be for mortgage lenders, for example, who can now have their NMLS Individual Roster report imported into PerformLine to manage state-specific rules across thousands of loan officers for automated rule application and monitoring.

PerformLine can help your organization monitor for other important regulatory specifications, such as:

  • Required disclosures
  • Certain identification numbers (like NMLS numbers)
  • Requirements for industry-specific regulations, such as TILA, MAP Rule, CARES Act, CARD Act, and more
  • The presence of any unfair, deceptive, or abusive language under UDAAP
  • Brand-specific guidelines

If you'd like to learn more about this new feature or about adding Social Media Compliance Monitoring to your PerformLine platform, our experts are ready to help. Schedule a demo to see PerformLine’s image scoring in action.

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