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Compliance Superhero

Compliance Superhero: Chelsea Hefferly

Xavier Holland
November 14, 2023
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Welcome to our Compliance Superhero Series! Every month, we highlight a compliance professional who we feel is doing excellent work and ask them about their background, their thoughts on the industry, and any hidden superpowers they have. I’ve reached out to Marvel about adding them to the next phase of the MCU, but in the meantime, you can get to know them here. This month, we’re highlighting Chelsea Hefferly, a Marketing Compliance Analyst at Movement. The interview has been lightly edited for clarity.

Compliance Superhero: Chelsea Hefferly

Welcome! Tell me a little bit about yourself and your role at Movement.
Hi! My name is Chelsea and I am a Marketing Compliance Analyst at Movement Mortgage! I specifically overview and monitor anything in the digital marketing space.

What was your path to the compliance space?
My path into the compliance world came through getting some experience in other marketing avenues and realizing my workplace strengths and preferences!

What’s your biggest piece of advice for a successful compliance program?
Clear communication is key!

What tools – software or otherwise – are most important for your work?
PerformLine is a massive tool that is used almost daily in my role! Outside of the PerformLine software, excel files are my best friend!

How does PerformLine fit into your compliance work?
I work in PerformLine in depth on almost a daily basis. It is an important tool for our team and we are consistently working with the PL team to better mold and adjust our “rules” to fit our company specific needs!

What do you see happening within the compliance space in the next 1-2 years?
I think there will be a very large “crack down” on video related content. We all know that every major social platform has the option to create and/or upload short and long form video content. This content gets shared and goes viral so easily now!

What compels you about the work that you do?
I am a natural “rule follower”. So, it only makes sense that I love my job! This work is very niche in my opinion because it rids the line between working in marketing AND compliance. The best of both worlds! I also enjoy reading up on and applying new regulations and company policies.

What’s your secret superpower?
My superpower is that I am a mom! 

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