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5 Reasons Why It's Time To Automate Your Quality Monitoring

August 12, 2016
5 Reasons Why Its Time To Automate Your Quality Monitoring

All too often, contact centers remain lost in the dark ages of manual quality monitoring. Most experienced call center managers, after all, started out their careers before speech analytics technology became mainstream. The practice of manually evaluating calls one at a time, listening through headphones and writing notes, is all too familiar.

Times have changed though, and with the wide availability of technology solutions, contact centers have many options for new and innovative ways to improve ROI. Evaluation forms have moved from paper to online, and call data can now be structured to reveal trending help topics and the most effective agent scripts for winning over new customers. Automated call monitoring platforms can more easily record and assess interactions between call center agents and callers, allowing QA managers to monitor both agent performance and customer needs.

Automate Quality Monitoring Today

There are countless reasons why you should automate your quality monitoring, whether you want to develop staff training opportunities, create an environment of liability protection or implement customer quality control measures. (More likely than not, you want to achieve all of the above.) Here are five reasons why you should get started with automated quality monitoring:

Reason #1 — Automated quality monitoring allows you to store all of your evaluation data in one place.

No matter whether your call center fields 100 or 10,000 calls a day, staying organized is key to business success. Automated quality monitoring software can structure and store all your data in one searchable repository, allowing your QA Team to quickly identify actionable insights and agent coaching/training opportunities to increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, and perform well against your KPIs.

Reason #2 — It’s cheaper than a manual QA review.

When “time is money,” don’t you want to save time any way you can? With a cost-effective and time-saving automated call monitoring platform, you will not only save time but also reduce costs. In fact, PerformLine’s call center compliance monitoring platform alone can review over 1 million minutes of call recordings in one year while saving you money on each call — covering more and costing less than adding more headcount to form a QA team.

Reason #3 — All-around positive customer experience is key to boosting your sales and client retention.

Automated call reviews are designed not only to monitor the performance of your contact center agents, but also to help you implement lessons learned, whereby agents can improve their customer interactions. Through automated quality monitoring, you can reward your top performers while identifying and sharing best practices to boost the results of your under-performing agents. Improving customer experience is now key to edging out competition.

Reason #4 — It’s necessary for scaling up.

In today’s vastly competitive business environment, properly scaling your business is paramount to winning over your competition. Monitoring calls through manual methods is already an expensive and time-consuming endeavor for a small company. When it comes to scaling up a manual team, it can take huge bites out of the expenditures of growing businesses. With an automated quality monitoring platform, you have the power to review at scale without increasing manpower.

Reason #5 — It significantly increases your coverage for detecting brand and compliance violations.

Companies in highly regulated industries need to have full oversight over their call center practices, especially as regulatory bodies tighten their scrutiny. The FCC, in particular, carries out enforcement actions upon discovery of any violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Timely detection and remediation of potential violations can help to keep your business focused on revenue generation rather than on worrying about penalties and fines. This is where an automated monitoring solution comes in, to help you find potential violations faster in your agents’ interactions with customers.

The Bottom Line: Protect Your Business By Automating Your Quality Monitoring

When the future of your business is at stake and your customers are expecting an exceptional experience, shouldn’t you use the best available tools? A call monitoring solution that identifies trends in customer behavior and common issues in agent performance can take your contact center to the next level. Learn how the PerformLine Platform, the leading RegTech solution, can help your company’s contact center gain a competitive edge, while maintaining compliance and monitoring agent performance.

If you want to learn more about PerformLine’s Call Center Monitoring solution, our experts are ready to help.

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