Rule Engine

Making the complicated, well, simple.

Kick-start your compliance program.

At the core of the PerformLine platform lies the Rule Engine. Our proprietary rule engine is turn-key, flexible and scalable to ensure that your compliance program moves in sync with your business.

Turn-Key Coverage

Our compliance experts have hand curated a variety of best practices rule sets in accordance with the appropriate federal regulations. These give your brand an out-of-the-box solution to compliance, where you can proactively begin self-regulating marketing campaigns against misrepresentations.

PerformLine Best Practice rule sets are created for industries such as Higher Education, Mortgage, Debt Settlement, Debt Collection, Credit Card and Insurance, to name a few.

Coverage Beyond the English Language

PerformLine delivers even greater coverage with Compliance Monitoring for Foreign LanguagesBy translating the rules that exist within your campaigns PerformLine monitors webpages, calls and chat content in other languages such as Spanish (LATAM, Spain), Dutch and French to name a few. It’s easy to implement and provides coverage for even more consumer interactions.

Flexibility and Scalability

One size definitely does not fit all. There is little standardization in the world of marketing compliance. Regulators are always modifying and introducing new rules. Within your own company, different teams might have different rules they care about or your tolerance levels may fluctuate throughout the year depending on current business needs and outside pressures.

All rules in the PerformLine platform can be modified in real time with a few keystrokes. Set your own weightings on both individual rule levels and entire rule categories. Take advantage of being on the same platform as other industry leaders and adopt community rules.

Rules your Way

Create the rules that your program requires, with specific rule types like Required Terms – that must be used, or Banned Terms – that must not be used, etc.

Contextual Relevancy

Context matters.  That’s why our rule engine has a whole slew of phrases that it makes exceptions for in context-dependent situations.  With contextual relevancy, you get the best, most fine-tuned compliance coverage.

Centralized knowledge

A single version of the truth, for your organizations compliance rules. PerformLine creates a rule repository safely and securely in the cloud to be used across your entire organization. No more Excel or unnerving knowledge transfers among compliance employees.

Real-Time Testing

Rules can be tested and immediately used, allowing you to test new messages quickly and safely before exposing your company to unnecessary risks.

Community Rules

Benefit from collective learnings across the entire PerformLine client network by adopting terms and phrases other clients are using for compliance.