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PerformLine Launches Email Monitoring

June 7, 2018
PerformLine Launches Email Monitoring

Earlier this month, we announced the addition of Email Monitoring to our multi-channel compliance platform. Companies using the PerformLine platform can now proactively review and score their sales, marketing, and affiliate emails to ensure regulatory and brand compliance

With Email Monitoring, brands can now monitor their communications with consumers across the web, contact centers, chats and email channels using one centralized platform. PerformLine’s cloud-based platform offers a customizable rule engine, robust scoring and full workflow and remediation for complete compliance coverage.

PerformLine also provides compliance monitoring for Foreign Languages like Spanish, French and Dutch, so that any enterprise can achieve multilingual compliance coverage and scale across their consumer channels.

“Until now, there has been a lack of proactive compliance coverage for email, which continues to be a heavily utilized consumer interaction channel. With PerformLine’s Email Monitoring, enterprises now have that front-line defense they were in need of to ensure their marketing, sales or affiliates emails meet their brand and regulatory guidelines.” Alex Baydin, CEO, PerformLine

If you’d like to learn more about PerformLine‘s Email Monitoring capabilities and the suite of compliance offerings the PerformLine platform offers, let’s talk!

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