QA and Remediation

Close the Compliance Loop™

Our ProServices team is ready.

Put Our Team to Work For You

Put our ProServices experts to work as your compliance QA and remediation team to review and correct potential violations before they become a problem.

Get Extra Bandwidth

Our ProServices Team provides the extra bandwidth, when you need it without increasing your headcount. Our experts help you gain efficiencies and allow your team to focus only on the actionable items.

Personalized QA

Our QA analysts review each and every observation. Then, based on individual client sensitivities, derived from ongoing feedback and rules optimization, we will deliver a curated and actionable alert into workflow.

Remediation Details Matter

Remediation is a time consuming, detail-orientated process that your marketing/compliance team may not have the bandwidth to handle. Let our experts communicate directly with your vendors and traffic sources to make sure every violation is fixed within the necessary time frame. Your Workflow is also updated in real time so you can track progress instantaneously within the PerformLine platform.

Close the Compliance Loop™

Quality assurance and remediation are the critical final steps taken to Close the Compliance Loop. Our experts review, present, and track corrective action requests to make sure that the required changes are made—and insights gained are used to power future decision-making. Use us as your one-stop solution for compliance.

The Power of Consistency

The benefit of one platform means one consistent use of the rules. Using our ProServices team brings an additional layer of consistency when one team handles all QA and remediation.