Speech Analytics

Reveal the story
within your calls.

Uncover the story within your data.

The call volume going through your contact center is enormous, and randomly picking recordings to monitor isn’t going to cut it anymore. Using sophisticated speech analytics and language modeling, PerformMatch analyzes every call minute to identify critical risk threats and improve agent productivity.

Voice-to-Text Transcription

Turning spoken word into written word is the core building block of speech analytics. PerformMatch automates the review of every minute of every call for data mining that provides deep insights into every word spoken.

Automated QA and Script Adherence

Through automated speech analytics, PerformMatch can identify positive or negative trends and rep quality performance — analytics not possibly found using random sampling.

Consumer Sentiment

Nothing reveals more about your business than the voice of your customer. Now you can extract actionable information and sentiment from the previously untapped source – every minute of your contact center calls. PerformMatch allows you to tag and monitor for specific words, and get real value — trending data.

Other Nuggets

Through speech analytics we also monitor for important compliance and performance language such as banned terms, required terms, emotion handling, churn risk, escalation behavior, inappropriate language, etc.