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PerformLine makes it easy to make informed business decisions quickly. Whether you’re looking for the big picture or just the details, PerformLine brings you unparalleled insights and data to help you optimize business performance, save money and mitigate compliance risk.


Campaign Performance

Are your campaigns making the grade? PerformLine shows you how your web, email, chat, contact center and social media channels are performing. Are your marketing partners generating quality leads, are your contact center agents converting at the rate they should? Is your compliance program being executed effectively? See how many monthly observations the PerformLine platform is finding and turning into actionable insights. Easily identify those positive trends that can be turned into best practices, or negative trends that require remediation.


Risk Profiling

See the discovered instances of lead-generating ads and landing pages with potential compliance violations. PerformLine goes behind the scenes to search for unknown URLs that aggregators and their affiliates are using to promote your brand—pages you may not have otherwise known about! PerformLine aggregates each vendor’s potential compliance violations into one report, generated after our in-house analysts review. Our business intelligence can identify your highest and lowest performing channels, enabling a comprehensive analysis of both risk and ROI in one overall score.

Keyword Search

Keyword Search

Using Keyword Search, find exactly what you’re looking for across each monitored channel on PerformLine (web, email, call, chat or social media) without disturbing your review workflows. Utilize Keyword Search to access specific data, uncover new insights or identify trends across partners—the possibilities are endless.


Find Business Opportunities in Unstructured Data

PerformLine’s Proprietary Rule Engine structures data across multiple channels to identify patterns and trends in your sales and customer engagement initiatives. Performance can be measured across multiple channels and aligned with KPIs and business metrics. Our analytics offerings are helping companies to not only ensure marketing, sales and regulatory compliance, but also to track the performance of their contact agents.

PerformLine API


We believe in the power of our data and we believe our clients should have access to the data in their own platforms. Our API allows you to extract your data for aggregation and enhanced analysis inside their own data warehouse or business intelligence tool integrations. Learn more about the power of our API here.