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Unlock the power
of your data.

Make smart decisions faster with smart business intelligence.

PerformLine makes it easy to make informed business decisions – quickly. Whether you’re looking for the big picture or just the details, PerformLine brings you unparalleled insights and data to help you save money, increase efficiency, and mitigate compliance risk.

Monthly Report Card

Are your campaigns making the grade?

This high-level summary shows how your compliance program has been trending over the past 30 days.

See how many monthly observations made it through the marketing compliance funnel and resulted in actionable items. A Rising, Even, or Declining score and a graph that visually displays the trends shows you the direction of each campaign, vendor, agent, and marketing asset at a glance.

Compliance Alert and Kraken Alert

Uncover the unknown, and let them know you’re watching.

See the discovered instances of lead-generating ads and landing pages with potential compliance violations. Kraken, our proprietary compliance web crawler, goes behind the scenes to search for unknown URLs that aggregators and their affiliates are using to promote your brand—pages you may not have otherwise known about!

Compliance Alerts compile each vendor’s potential compliance violations into one report, generated after our in-house analysts review.

The alerts are designed to be forwarded directly to the vendor by you or the PerformLine ProServices team on your behalf.

Path Alert

Catch a glimpse of a typical user’s experience from search to landing page.

Path Alerts reveal a comprehensive A-Z route, directing you right to the source of which affiliates are using egregious search terms to route users to your brand’s form submission page(s). Form submissions range from requesting simple contact information, credit history, or even applying for a credit card.

The report captures screenshot images of the steps the user takes from the actual search query, and each page they land on in between ending up on your brand’s form submission page. Take action right in the report view to seamlessly communicate remediation requests to vendors.


We believe in the power of our data.

We also believe our clients should have access to the data in their own platforms.

Our API allows clients to extract their data for aggregation and enhanced analysis inside their own data warehouse or business intelligence tool integrations.

Learn more about the power of our API here: