PerformLine Announces New Tools to Help Organizations Monitor for Potential Racial Bias and Discrimination within Marketing and Consumer Interactions

Through the use of its technology, PerformLine is helping organizations audit for potentially harmful content or language associated with their brand.


PerformLine, the leading provider of automated compliance technology, announced that it has released new tools to help organizations find content or language associated with their brand that may perpetuate discrimination, racism, extremism, hate speech, or political and social sensationalism.

Through the use of custom-crafted rulesets that have been optimized to work across PerformLine’s multichannel compliance platform, the company is helping its customers audit and eliminate instances of content or language that foster bias or extremism, across their marketing and sales channels in near real-time. PerformLine works with all types of organizations inside the banking, credit card, mortgage, insurance, point of sale lending, higher education, and gig economy industries.

By using innovative discovery methods, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing, the PerformLine platform automatically flags questionable content or language associated with its clients’ brands and their representatives across the web, in emails, in social media posts, and within messages and call centers where they communicate with consumers. 

“We’re committed to developing the PerformLine platform and technology and using our resources to bring about positive change for companies and their consumers,” stated Alex Baydin, CEO and Founder of PerformLine. “With the launch of these new resources within our platform, we’re helping our customers continue their pursuit of doing right by all consumers throughout their journey.”

PerformLine is committed to doing more to speak up, listen, and lean in to promote equality in our professional and personal communities by actively adding new diversity staffing targets, contributing, volunteering, and sharing opportunities for advocacy and education in our community.



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