Centralize compliance and remediation in one platform.

Ditch the spreadsheets.​

Keep It All In One Place

The PerformLine platform’s Workflow tool is an integral part of the PerformLine cloud-based platform — centralizing all compliance and remediation activities across internal departments, and with external partners. One platform, one common compliance and remediation process.

Kick the Spreadsheet Habit

Workflow eliminates the need to track by spreadsheets and calibrating multiple documents into one status. Workflow organizes it all in one place for faster, more-informed decision making throughout your organization.

Drive Efficiencies

One platform means less headaches and more consistency in your compliance program. PerformLine puts actionable data and Proof You Can Use at your compliance team’s fingertips for faster, more consistent remediation and resolutions.

C-Suite and Manager Summaries

Get a bird’s eye view of your compliance program at any moment in time. See your current risk levels, aging reports, and how effective your compliance team is.
Gather the optics you need on how risk is handled in your compliance funnel from the initial potential violation, all the way through closed and resolved issues.

Tailor Information The Way You Need It

Customize your remediation and communication standards according to the specific needs of your organization. Then, organize the information by determined risk tolerance and internal protocols to fit your needs.