Web Monitoring

Monitor your brand, everywhere.

Even places you didn’t know about.

An Easier Way to Monitor for Compliance—Everywhere

Marketing is no easy task these days. The number of ways your message and brand are promoted across the web can be overwhelming: search, display, lead generation, affiliates, etc.

How can you make sure that your brand and message are promoted correctly and are in compliance with government regulations, everywhere they appear?

PerformLine™ makes it easy.  Through automated compliance monitoring technology, the PerformLine platform discovers and monitors everywhere your brand is being promoted—including all the places you didn’t know about.

So, why use PerformLine?

Know Where The Potential Risks Are – In Real-Time!

  • Instantly discover and monitor everywhere your brand is being promoted: display, lead generation, affiliates, search, email, and content sites.
  • Get your compliance score and those of your marketing partners at a glance.
  • Have access to detailed information on every compliance observation that occurs.
  • Receive daily alerts of high impact potential violations.
  • Quickly identify, request remediation, or remove non-compliant partners.

Keep Your Compliance Program Up-To-Date – Automatically!

  • Keep your marketing up-to-date with ever-evolving regulations using our proprietary industry rule sets.
  • Customize your risk thresholds, contextual relevancy, high impact rules, vendor tolerance levels, and much more.
  • Access robust historical data to respond to internal or external creative and landing page audit requests.

Save Time And Money

  • Automatically check every webpage, everyday—don’t rely on humans only. With the PeformLine platform’s compliance monitoring, there are no sick days, no weekends, no post lunch naps.
  • Whether you need access for 1 or 1000, PerformLine scales to fit your needs – effortlessly.
  • Extensible technology allows you to increase your compliance oversight without having to add expensive headcount.

Access Our Cloud-Based Platform To:

  • See daily snapshots of traffic and lead sources including ads, landing pages, directory pages and dynamic forms.
  • Get compliance scores on a campaign, marketer, URL, and lead provider level.
  • Change or create custom rules weighted per your specific needs.
  • Schedule new rule checks on demand to keep third parties compliant with frequently changing rules and company information, etc.
  • Send and track communications with other departments or third parties on remediation efforts.
  • Get one version of the truth!