Merchant Monitoring

Complete surveillance of merchant sites, everyday.

Analyze every URL, find the unknown and mitigate risk.

An Easier Way To Monitor Your Merchants

PerformMatch™ mitigates risk for Acquirers, ISOs, and PSPs with complete surveillance of merchant websites.

PerformMatch, an approved Merchant Monitoring Service Provider (MMSP), offers the most customizable and efficient brand content monitoring to ensure merchant compliance with card network rules, MasterCard® Business Risk Assessment and Mitigation (BRAM) Program rules, and Visa Global Brand Protection Program rules.

The PerformMatch SaaS platform automates the review of offerings for 100% coverage of your merchant portfolio. Using customizable rule sets and automated daily screenshots, PerformMatch analyzes every URL to identify potential compliance violations or brand marketing abuses.

Custom Rules for All Categories

Customize rule sets for your specific term violation types to monitor for adherence with card network regulations and your unique guidelines.

High Risk Merchant Discovery

Our Kraken™ web crawler discovers both known and unknown merchant web pages and monitors for potentially illegal product offerings like the sale of counterfeit merchandise, the illegal sale of prescription drugs, and the sale of illegal electronic devices.


Rank Merchants By Compliance Score

See the compliance score for each merchant to quickly identify potential issues, request remediation, or remove non-compliant merchants.

Proof You Can Use™

Have a complete history of discovery through remediation, along with screen shots for Proof You Can Use in any audit situation.


Email non-compliant merchants directly from the PerformMatch platform. Centralize the tracking and documentation of all compliance and remediation activity with your merchants in one place for significant savings.

Save Money

Acquirers, ISOs, and PSPs who use PerformMatch to participate in the MMP of the MasterCard Business Risk Assessment and Mitigation (BRAM) Program may receive some mitigation on assessments for a violation resulting from misconduct of a particular merchant.