Chat Monitoring

Monitor every chat session.

Find and resolve compliance and QA issues quickly!

An Easier Way to Monitor Chat Sessions - with 100% Coverage

Every interaction with your prospects or customers is important. Chat sessions are no different. PerformLine’s Chat Monitoring automates the review of every one of your company’s chat sessions and scouts out those interactions with occurrences of 1) potential regulatory or brand compliance issues and/or 2) high-quality or not so high-quality representative interactions.

Uncover Risk - at Scale

  • Review every chat session for complete coverage.
  • Monitor for compliance with regulatory guidelines, TCPA rules, and your own brand marketing guidelines.
  • Customize rules the way you want – change weights, risk thresholds, vendor tolerance levels, and much more.
  • Get Proof You Can Use™ with a complete history of discovery through remediation, for any audit situation.
  • Remove sensitive information from calls and chats using our Redaction capabilities.

Speed QA Processes

  • Flagged observations are highlighted for efficient review and remediation.
  • Rank the risk of your agents; identify training and performance improvement opportunities.
  • Email your agents or supervisors within the platform using our workflow to help your company Close the Compliance Loop™ more efficiently.

Platform and Channel Agnostic

  • Our technology works on any chat platform, internal or external, and is easily transferrable.
  • Our rules-based approach via technology allows for scalable oversight  of multiple channels.

Save time and Money

  • Fast & easy implementation—Cloud-based SaaS platform means no on-premise installation required.
  • Get more coverage at a fraction of the cost of human review!
  • Reduce costs with automated monitoring and centralized information that is more complete, accurate, and a level comparison of data.