Brand Monitoring

It's your brand.
You make the rules.

We ensure they’re being followed.

Comprehensive Coverage – PerformLine Never Takes a Break

Your brand is being promoted across many channels. How do you make sure all of your marketing partners are following your most current brand guidelines  – all the time?

PerformLine makes it easy.  Through automated 24/7 content monitoring technology, the PerformLine platform discovers and monitors everywhere your brand is being promoted for things like: accurate descriptions, content misalignment, negative sentiment, brand proximity, brand use, and more.

PerformLine makes sure your rules are followed. It’s a perfect MATCH!

More Powerful Rules, Customized By You

Your brand is like no other, why not customize the rules so they work for you?

  • Set custom rules, risk thresholds, vendor tolerance levels, exceptions, and more.
  • More flexibility = more relevant data

Know Where The Potential Risks Are, In Real-Time

  • Instantly discover and monitor everywhere your brand is being promoted: affiliates, display, lead generation, search, email, and content sites.
  • Get your compliance score and those of your marketing partners at a glance.
  • Gain detailed information on every observation that occurred.
  • Receive daily alerts when potential violations are found.
  • Quickly identify, request remediation, and remove non-compliant partners from your media mix.

Data You Can Use

  • Get the most critical compliance business intelligence data in a format easily forwarded to legal, marketing, management or your marketing partner—to drive fast and efficient resolution of potential violations.
  • Keep an eye on the competition with “Spotlight Terms,” which provide relevant competitive intelligence.

Save Time and Money

  • Automatically check every webpage, everyday—don’t rely on humans only. With the PerformLine platform’s compliance monitoring, there are no sick days, no weekends, no post lunch naps.
  • Whether you need access for 1 or 1000, PerformLine scales to fit your needs – effortlessly.
  • Extensible technology allows you to increase your compliance oversight without having to add expensive headcount.

Access Our Cloud-Based Platform To:

  • See daily snapshots of traffic and lead sources including ads, landing pages, directory pages, and dynamic forms.
  • Get compliance scores on a campaign, channel, URL, and lead provider level.
  • Change or create custom rules weighted per your specific needs.
  • Schedule new rule checks on demand to keep third parties compliant with frequently changing rules, company information, etc.
  • Send and track communications with other departments or third parties on remediation efforts.