Marketing Compliance

Is your marketing current and compliant with regulations?

Oversight is critical to your bottom line.

Making sure your marketing communications are correct—everywhere they appear—isn’t easy in today’s vast marketplace. But, failure to pinpoint and fix potential inaccuracies can be devastating to a company’s bottom line.

Marketing compliance has taken on a new urgency in light of the many regulations and settlements obtained by the CFPB, FTC, FCC, DoE, FDA, and FINRA, just to name a few. You can no longer trust that your messaging is accurate, but you must verify that it is—across all marketing channels.

Sounds like a lot of tedious, labor-intensive work, right? Not if you use the PerformLine platform – we’ve got your back.

PerformLine is a cloud-based compliance platform that brings automation and scale to companies looking to mitigate risk and ensure brand safety.

PerformLine automatically monitors all of your marketing channels for full regulatory, brand, and TCPA compliance.

PerformLine executes all of the labor-intensive work, so you can use that business intelligence to improve speed-to-market, accelerate sales, drive efficiencies, and measure success.

We understand the need for speed – in a protected kind of way!

So, what else makes us different?

Machine and Man: The PerformLine platform is built for automation, but some findings call for the human touch. That’s where we layer in a manual review of your campaign to extract the true contextual relevancy of a potential compliance violation. A marketing department’s true best friend.

Depth and Breadth: With the depth of data that the PerformLine platform discovers, you’ll see all the layers we monitor and report on for web and contact center traffic.  With the breadth of data PerformLine collects, you’ll get the comparative reports you need to see how your sources stack up to the others.

Push and Pull: The PerformLine platform delivers marketers both a full suite of push reports to take action on and unrestricted access to our real-time compliance platform. You can pull the data you want, when you want, and where you want.

Carrot and Stick: While PerformLine delivers tough policing tools to manage compliance throughout all of your employees, agents, and traffic partners, we’re also able to help you reward those who are compliant by shining a bright light on the “good guys.”