Point-Of-Sale Lenders

As a point-of-sale lender, you have regulatory obligations to ablide by and many merchants in your portfolio whose content and practices you are responsible for. Not only is it important to ensure that they are complying with government regulations and your brand guidelines, it’s also important to practice your due diligence before signing with a new merchant to confirm they advertise services that meet applicable standards.
Monitor Your Brand Across the Web

Use Web Monitoring for surveillance and scoring of merchants’ pages for regulatory and brand compliance to ensure accurate representation and promotion.

Industry Rulebooks

Our industry rulebooks are turn-key and cover all regulatory guidelines applicable to POS lending, such as Truth in Lending Act (TILA), Regulation Z, and UDAAP—but are configurable to your brand-specific guidelines and preferences.

Review Pages Daily For Quick Remediation and Documentation

Use Page Change to review merchant pages daily to catch and remediate any instances of noncompliance quickly, and document remediations directly in the platform using the Workflow tool.

Discover Unknown Places of Brand Promotion

Use our proprietary web crawler, the Kraken, to discover unknown and referring URLs where your brand appears that may have potential compliance violations and need remediation.

Gather Competitive Intelligence

Use our Spotlight tool to monitor how your brand is being mentioned across the web and gather intelligence on your competitors.