Industry Leading Compliance Programs
Built on Experience

 Industries that Rely on Our Tech

PerformLine deploys solutions for a variety of industries including:


Keep an eye on your loan officers’ vanity sites and social media profiles with ease and speed.

Buy Now, Pay Later

Automatically monitor merchant partners to ensure they’re adhering to regulatory requirements on published marketing content, and to vet potential merchants before partnering with them.

Credit Card

Ensure your credit card offers are correct and compliant everywhere they appear on the web across partners and marketplaces.

Alternative Lenders

Automatically monitor for regulatory and brand compliance on the channels you leverage to communicate with consumers.

Partner Banks

Grow your partner program by having always-on monitoring to mitigate risks around partner marketing.

Banks and Financial Institutions

Monitor your product or service offerings across the multiple consumer interaction channels that internal reps and external partners are using to drive lead traffic.


Streamline your oversight and surveillance across the channels you and your partners are leveraging to interact with consumers to ensure regulatory and brand compliance.

Higher Education

Protect your organization against deceptive marketing tactics by monitoring partners’ web pages for correct tuition and academic information.

Gig Economy

Ensure external partners are using fair and non-deceptive practices while recruiting workers, and optimize your customer experience internally.